10 Best TV Shows About Restaurant & Bar Owners (That Are Not Reality Shows)


There are so many bars, pubs and restaurants that feature prominently in television series that the sets are practically their own characters, from Central Perk to Friends at MacLaren at how I Met Your Mother. And when it comes to reality shows, there is also an abundance of food-related series about restaurant and bar owners, Hell’s Kitchen To Bar rescue.

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But in other shows, while the bar or restaurant isn’t necessarily the star, at least not in the same way, it’s essential to the main character’s livelihood. And from the hottest, sexiest nightclubs / bars to family-friendly steakhouses, and from popping comedies to scary dramas, it really runs the gamut.

ten Bob’s Burgers – Bob Belcher

Hawk cries, Bob and Big Bob argue in Bob's Burgers

With 11 seasons to his credit, Bob’s burgers was a resounding success for Fox. This adult animated sitcom is all about the Belcher family and the burger restaurant they run and, according to IMDb, every season so far has ranked above a 7.4 rating. Unsurprisingly, the series has therefore been renewed for a 12th and 13th season.

The show focuses on the various events within the family, but mostly on Bob and the many rivalries he has with neighboring restaurant owners, like Jimmy Pestom who owns the most successful Italian restaurant across the way. from the street. While the children are all at school, they also help out at the family restaurant when they can.

9 Fresh off the boat – Louis Huang

One of the few sitcoms centered on an Asian American family, Fresh off the boat takes place in the 90s and is loosely based on the life of Eddie Huang, a chef and culinary personality. The story is that of a Taiwanese American family who reside in Florida.

Father Louis owns and manages the local steakhouse called Cattleman’s Ranch, while his wife Jessica runs the ship home with their three children, Eddie, Emery and Evan, as well as Louis’ fiery mother, Jenny. As the restaurant becomes successful, Louis and the family look for ways to attract new customers to create a fun, family-friendly place. The show has had its best and worst episodes, but many scenes either took place or had storylines involving the Ranch.

8 The weather is always nice in Philadelphia – “The Gang”

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia gang watch

Paddy’s Pub is the setting for this FX sitcom, which is about narcissistic friends who together run the Irish bar in South Philadelphia. Known as “The Gang,” the misfit group of friends do their best to run the pub together, though conflicts tend to get in the way.

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This is not surprising, since owners love to drink and abuse substances, not to mention the fact that they are dishonest, selfish and selfish. While some things on The weather is always good have changed over the years, each episode usually deals with a different plan that one (or more) has concocted in an attempt to get revenge on each other.

7 Health – Sam Malone

Norm and Cliff in Cheers

The very name of the show is that of the iconic bar, the place where “everyone knows your name”. Cheers isn’t the bar you go to to meet hot singles or relax with a martini while raising your voice to talk to the person next to you over loud music. It is your typical sports bar which is frequented mainly by locals. And one of the main characters was Sam Malone, the former pro baseball player, bar owner and head bartender.

The same guys and girls visited Cheers day in and day out to have an after work pint, hang out for a few hours on the weekends, and share their souls with Sam and the other people who worked there and who they called friends.

6 Lucifer – Lucifer Morningstar

Lucifer, of course, it is the Devil, and it is his main occupation. But he’s also, on Earth, a business owner who runs LUX, one of the hottest and nastiest nightclubs / bars in Los Angeles. As his brother Amenadiel describes it, LUX is Lucifer’s “sin den” on Earth. There are few, if any, rules at LUX, which is precisely what makes it so popular.

Customers can come, dance, drink and let loose. It doesn’t appear that LUX is selling actual food, however. There, it’s just a liquid diet of alcohol and other illicit foods going around.

5 Better Call Saul – Gus Fring

Training of Los Pollos Hermanos employees

While the title character on You better call Saul is a lawyer, not a restaurateur, the main antagonist of the series is. Gustavo Fring owns and operates Los Pollos Hermanos, a fast food restaurant specializing in high quality chicken dishes that put other salty, fatty guys to shame.

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Of course, while Fring is secretly a drug lord running an empire with the restaurant as a front, he still takes great pride in the operations. He is often seen working during the day, making sure everything is in tip top shape and quality control and customer service protocol are always followed, otherwise. Many fans believe that Gus Fring is the smartest character in the world. breaking Bad franchise, not Walter White.

4 Arrested Development – George Bluth

George Bluth started Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand as part of the huge empire that was The Bluth Company on Development stopped. The booth was a mainstay of the family and the one business they could always count on to be successful no matter what, even though over the course of the series it is destroyed and rebuilt several times.

The concept is simple: Frozen bananas are sold in a variety of delicious and indulgent ways, including dipped in hot fudge, dipped in chocolate and placed between two chocolate graham crackers, and even dipped in fudge and covered in nuts. While the large yellow banana-like booth had always been successful, it was known in the 1970s as a place where people often bought and sold drugs.

3 New Girl – Nick Miller

New girl Nick behind the bar

Nick Miller was not originally the owner of Clyde’s Bar / The Griffin on New girl. He was just the longtime bartender who worked there in the evenings and then went home to sleep most of the time.

But eventually, when Nick started to rethink his life and future plans, he took the big step by buying the bar with his friend Schmidt, which turned out to be one of the best decisions Nick made, thus giving the kickoff to his adult life. While the property’s story with Nick came later in the seasons, the bar was a central location on the show where a lot of important things happened, like Jess meeting Sam and Cece deciding on her new career path. .

2 Beverly Hills, 90210 – Miscellaneous

The central theme of Beverly Hills, 90210, one of the best shows to watch right now on Pop TV, wasn’t that club but rather the high school that all the kids attended. However, as he got older, the Peach Pit After Dark featured prominently in almost every episode once it was introduced. Originally owned by Dylan and Nat, with Steve running it, the Peach Pit After Dark was an after-hours club that operated in the basement of the Peach Pit restaurant. Events there often included live bands, as well as birthday parties, fashion shows, etc.

After a series of bad decisions, David and Clare finally took over and Dylan signed the lease to Steve’s father, Rush. Valérie then bought the club. In the end, Noah Hunter finally took over.

1 Riverdale – Veronica Lodge

Clearly inspired by Beverly Hills, 90210, wealthy high school student Veronica Lodge decided to invest her money in a unique concept: to open her own nightclub called La Bonne Nuit, located in the basement of Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe, the restaurant frequented by high school students during the day.

The Good Night featured hidden details that fans might not notice and has become a staple of every story on Riverdale since the day it opened. Its very existence caused rifts between Veronica and her father and attracted many illicit transactions, but also funny memories were created here.

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