7 Reasons You Should Join OnMilwaukee OnVacay Mexico Trip


OnMilwaukee is going on vacation – and we want you to come with it!

Join Lori Fredrich, OnMilwaukee’s FoodCrush podcast, and yours truly on a majestic trip to Mexico in March – March 5-12, to be exact – a weeklong break between the freezing cold and wonderful El Dorado. Casitas Royale. With a reasonable price tag along with an unreasonable amount of fun and adventure waiting for you below the border, this is sure to be a memorable and fascinating trip to remember.

Need more conviction? Here are six reasons why you should fly to Riviera Maya with OnMilwaukee in March. (Or, if you don’t need more conviction, Click here to learn more about the trip and reserve your spot in the sun now!)

It will be beautiful on OnVacay’s trip to Riviera Maya – with an emphasis on the “gorges”. Our hotel, the all-inclusive El Dorado Casitas Royale gourmet resort, has not one, two or three, but 14 restaurants and bars on its grounds, ranging from all types of cuisine.

Does the Mexican setting make you want to eat Mexican? The resort offers that. Want dishes inspired by Pacific cuisine? The resort offers that. Fancy a plate of pasta or other Italian dishes? The resort offers that. Fancy a dinner in addition to a show? Well, okay, now you’ve gone too far – I PLEASE, THE STATION ALSO OFFERS it thanks to Fuentes, the hotel’s culinary theater offering unique and delicious dishes cooked and prepared before your eyes, a treat for the eyes as well as the stomach. Basically, whatever you’re hungry for, the El Dorado Casitas Royale probably has it on a plate – and for just $ 10 per person! (To learn more about the region’s many culinary experiences and inspirations, listen to this FoodCrush podcast with chef Eduardo Barra and Paulina Salazar, who manages Midwest sales for the resort.)

Speaking of the FoodCrush podcast, since it’s a FoodCrush sponsored trip, podcast co-host and general food expert Lori Fredrich will be on hand, available to talk about food and inform your dining experiences. with culinary knowledge, curiosity and fun. (Fellow FoodCrush co-host Matt Mueller will also be joining, although he will be talking mainly about the movie “Big Night” and SpaghettiOs.) Between good food and good company, your brain as well as your belly will come home. them more than satisfied.

I know no one wants to talk about this evil to the world because it is fast approaching. And I love Wisconsin, my happy home for the 31st of my life. But let’s go out and say it: winter is coming, and winter in Wisconsin is garbage. And no time in a Wisconsin winter is more completely garbage than March.

Winter in November and December is acceptable; it’s not usually SO terribly cold, you can still see a little blue sky and whatever snow is falling is magical and wonderful because it’s holiday season (and we haven’t had to go through it yet) as much by car). The months of January and February can be harsh – especially when it comes to the cold – but you’re always riding high and mesmerized by the piles of glistening snow and glittering icicles. Plus, the cold and snow make for great excuses to work from home, cancel plans, and stay in bed watching Netflix.

But March? Mars sucks.

By the time March rolls around you are tired of the snow and tired of driving 30 miles an hour on the freeway because everything is still so slippery. You don’t even have the pretty snow aesthetic because everything has turned into ugly slush splattered with gray and brown. It’s all the cold and cold of winter without any majesty – it’s just mud. No wonder the only big March holiday is St. Patrick’s Day, as the outside world looks completely drunk during this month.

Do you have any hope for spring? Too bad – March in Wisconsin is going to be inexorably gray and 40 degrees at best. And if March is feeling particularly cruel, there will be a 60 degree sunny day there … just to get back to the gray hold for the next four weeks, with maybe a few extra tiring snowstorms mixed in just to extinguish any. misplaced joy you had about the seasons that were finally changing and seeing the sun again. Didn’t the groundhog see its shadow and say spring was coming early? This rodent is a LIAR. Spring does not come in Wisconsin. Spring is the Milwaukee lion or Christian Yelich’s MVP – a myth – and March is here to brutally remind you of that fact for 31 days of butt.

But it doesn’t have to be. Escape to Mexico with us and find out that there are places on the planet where March isn’t a dirty word.

After a year or so spent in our homes, going anywhere – let alone out of the country – is considered an adventure. But the OnMilwaukee OnVacay promises to be an adventure in all caps, bold, and underlined.

In addition to the meals and cocktails served by the many restaurants and bars at El Dorado Casitas Royale making your taste buds travel, the trip offers several invigorating adventures beyond the dining room – from a visit to the organic greenhouse. from the resort (after enduring months of the snowy and frozen Wisconsin winter, you’ll want to remember what the color green looks like) to explore the ancient Mayan site discovered at Ek Balam for a day – including the largest structure maya of Yucatan – and swim in a beautiful natural limestone swimming hole, or “cenote”.

And it all just surrounds the complex. The interior of the resort offers its own adventures and activities. El Dorado Casitas Royale offers guided tours of the jungle trails, snorkeling, kayaking, yoga, and – special for this trip – a poolside concert. And if a simple vacation out of the country is enough for you to venture out, you can venture out to one of the resort’s beaches and take a trip to one of the many books you want to read or in your dreams while doing a sunny nap by the sea. ocean. (Remember to apply sunscreen beforehand for the latter.)

Whatever size of adventure you’re looking for – big or small, on the beach or below the ocean’s surface – the OnMilwaukee OnVacay will send you on your way.

Do you know what you won’t have to do if you go to Riviera Maya with us? Shovel snow. We can assure you that your week in Mexico will not involve exactly any snow removal or sidewalk salting. The only shovel you’ll do is put delicious food in your mouth, and the only salt you’ll have to deal with will be on the rim of your margarita. Know what else you won’t have to do in Riviera Maya? Wear fifteen layers of clothing and always keep cool. These will be swim trucks and flip flops. At worst and brightest, you may need to wear a shirt.

Basically what I’m saying is, unlike Wisconsin, you won’t only be able to go out in Riviera Maya – but you’ll want to! What a world!

Not that you want to stay in your suite given all the food and adventure that surrounds the resort, but your room alone will make you feel like you have a luxurious and glamorous vacation.

Each 700 square foot suite includes a hot tub, private balcony and outdoor shower. (That’s right: it’s so nice there, even in March, that you can shower outside.) Each suite also has access to both an exclusive pool and a bar. submerged – the fanciest of all bars. And that’s all not to mention the beachfront location, with the crashing waves nearby, the feel of the warm, soothing sand, and the aura of beautiful weather serving as a massage for our winter-scorched souls. (And, if you want a literal massage rather than a metaphorical massage, the resort also has a full spa.)

You will feel like an amazing home away from home – so much so that you may not want to return to your current home at the end of the trip.

Hey, guess what the average temperature range is in Milwaukee during the month of March. I will accept “* fart sound *” as the correct answer – but the most accurate answer is between 42 and 31 degrees. Now can you guess what is the average temperature range in Riviera Maya, Mexico during the month of March? I’ll give you a hint: SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER. The actual range is between 84 and 71 degrees – and those days are usually filled with sunny, cloudless days that look like a cheerful computer wallpaper screen. Milwaukee days in March, on the other hand, look like a computer screen that has detected a virus.

Come and contemplate the blue sky with us; come to Mexico.

“But Matt,” I hear you say through your computer screen, “how much is all this costing? Surprisingly, the starting point for the trip is only $ 2,249 per person for a double suite and $ 2,579 per person for a single room – and remember the trip is all-inclusive, so most culinary experiences and vacation adventures (including the dozens of restaurants and bars, beach access, the poolside concert, the day trip to Ek Balam and more) are included in the price. And leave town for the ugly end of another Wisconsin winter? Well, that is priceless.

For more information about OnMilwaukee’s OnVacay and to reserve your spot during the trip, Click here or call 833-TLTRIPS – aka (833) 858-7477 – for expert advice from our Travel Leaders partners. (Reservations must be made by December 15th or before we reach maximum capacity for the trip.) Week.

We hope to see you in the beautiful Riviera Maya! After surviving another Wisconsin winter, you deserve it.


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