Alabama man arrested after confronting police with ax


DOTHAN, Alabama (WDHN) – A man from Dothan had an ax to grind which eventually put him behind bars.

On November 4, the Dothan Police Vice Unit responded to a call at the Dothan Inn near Ross Clark Circle, and as they were about to execute a search warrant, they approached the room where the The initial 911 call was made, a male suspect who was hanging outside his hotel room saw officers.

“I saw them approaching, I walked inside his room,” said Jason Penn, captain of the Dothan Police Department’s investigative division. “I came back and confronted them with a hatchet.”

Penn said the suspect held the hatchet in a threatening manner while the vice unit told him to comply, which forced him to return to his room. Officers then continued to issue verbal orders to the man, and after a brief standoff, the suspect complied and officers were able to take the man into custody without injury.

“We always include de-escalation training every year,” Penn said.

Each Dothan police officer takes 32 hours of continuing education each year, including a de-escalation course.

“We’re trying to include this type of training more and more,” Penn said.

The suspect was not involved in the initial police call at first and did not even stay in the room that made the initial call which prompted the Dothan Police Vice Unit to act.

The suspect was charged with threats, illegal possession of a controlled substance and tampering with evidence.


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