Anova raises the bar for consumer engagement and empowerment with the release of Anova Connect ™


A powerful and targeted marketing engine for LPG / propane traders. 100% peace of mind for consumers. New information on carbon emissions for a more sustainable world.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, December 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – LPG Week – Anova, a trusted innovator and leader in remote tank monitoring solutions, today announced the launch of Anova Connect ™, a mobile app that delivers peace of mind to customers with on-demand tank level information and, 1-click delivery and service requests. Integrated into the solution, the Anova Mobile Marketer ™ Anova Connect engine raises the marketing bar for audience segmentation and event marketing, identifying multiple campaigns with dynamic audiences for highly personalized end-consumer experiences – and marketing very productive for suppliers. With new and unprecedented automation and targeted marketing capability, Anova Connect not only helps build customer loyalty, but also provides consumers with insight into their impact on carbon emissions.

Anova Connect mobile application

“Anova Connect & Mobile Marketer was born out of the fact that our industry is finally able to respond to the paradigm of ‘mass personalization’, through a data-driven consumer engagement tailored to the needs of a demographic, targeting to support marketing, education and sales programs. Whether it’s about ‘pushing’ calls to become automatic, or promoting renewable LPG as a sustainable future, or providing a use to inform reorganization at the push of a button on a mobile app, Mobile Marketer provides the services and analytics, and Connect provides the channel for over a million monitored accounts, ”says Chet Reshamwala, CEO of Anova. “Connect creates a new two-way communication channel with the customer, digitizing messaging and answering, relieving call centers and increasing Net Promoter Scores!” he adds.

“For the first time ever, LPG / propane marketers really have a way to engage their customers digitally with targeted, personalized, data-driven campaigns,” says Francisco moreira, software product manager, Anova. “Suppliers deserve the best professional-level marketing automation capabilities, at an affordable price, and fully integrated with their existing tank monitoring operations. Anova Connect gives them a competitive marketing advantage and the ability to provide customers with information about their carbon footprint, ”he says.

About Anova:
Anova better connects the industrial world by digitizing the supply chains of manufacturers and distributors of LPG / Propane, industrial gases, chemicals, fuels, lubricants and other products. Through innovation in remote telemetry analysis and technology, including tank levels, pressures and temperatures, and predictive maintenance of associated industrial equipment, Anova has enabled new levels of operational information, efficiency and customer experience. Anova’s native cloud solutions are used in more than 80 countries around the world, providing information on nearly one million industrial assets and support in 12 languages. The company’s more than 2,000 customers range from small regional businesses to the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of LPG / propane, industrial gases and chemicals. Anova is the only company globally deployed in the remote telemetry space, reflecting its long-standing trust and reliability, the breadth of asset type monitoring solutions and its universal communication network and its satellite communications support. For more information visit

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