As part of a collaboration for the ages, Metinteractive and Mitsubishi Electric pull out all the stops for WynnBET Sports Bar at Encore Boston Harbor Hotel and Casino


Metropolitan interactive doing business as metinteractivewhich provides strategic solutions for architecture, communication and technology, in partnership with Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision to deliver the massive LED video canvas featured in the WynnBET Sports Bar to the new Boston Harbor again hotel and casino.

The 123 x 10 foot Mitsubishi Electric LED video wall, with sports ticker below, is the centerpiece of the room with its rarefied size and resolution: it is one of the largest fine-pitch LED screens located in outside Las Vegas. The elevated, wraparound screen immerses patrons in sports content while enjoying a full-service bar and kitchen adjacent to the game room.

Metinteractive, which had a previous relationship with Wynn Resorts, was part of the original construction team for Encore Boston Harbor, at the time the sixth largest private construction project in the United States. Metinteractive then teamed up with Mitsubishi Electric on the AV installation for the WynnBET sports bar.

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“Metinteractive and Mitsubishi Electric have been working in tandem on projects for more than five years,” noted Michael Mascari, North American Sales Manager for Diamond Vision Systems at Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. “This was our first real partnership with Wynn Resorts and the consultant to provide a solution that meets the needs of the institution. We complement each other very well with our strengths. Mitsubishi Electric has been a leader in the large-scale LED market for over 40 years, so we’ve contributed our strengths in manufacturing and quality assurance. Metinteractive focused on placing the pixels where they needed to be and developing the user interface to provide a complete user experience.”

Mitsubishi Electric 20K LED Video Wall: The Impressive Features

Mitsubishi Electric’s nearly 20,000-pixel, 1.56mm direct-view LED video wall with 19,800 x 1,680 pixel resolution and 10-bit HDR-ready display for optimal picture quality and color fidelity , spans three walls of the sports bar with two wraparound 90° corners.

“It’s built from our Flagship XL series, including custom curves on the fine pitch with zero-clearance technology,” Mascari explained. “It installed quickly with precision connections and didn’t need a custom mounting frame behind it, saving costs. Our custom bracket allowed us to create the tightest corners. smooth with angles and radius: we wanted to make it perfect.”

The sports ticker below is the same Mitsubishi Electric LED product as the main display and has a resolution of 19,840 x 180 pixels; it broadcasts the scores generated by C-Scapeof the data service as well as personalized content.

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“The challenge for the physical display was to match the architectural design and construction of the bar to minimize changes and costs,” Mascari said. “The other challenge was delivering content to such a large screen. Metinteractive led the design of a content system and GUI that made it easy to use for staff who were not IT professionals. Our collaboration was essential to make this work – delivering the best possible resolution within budget, displaying content wherever and wherever the client wanted, installing the screen with the least possible cost impact and planning, and providing an architectural fit and finish to match an architecturally highly aesthetic building.

A collaborative “start-to-finish” process pays off

“It was a very collaborative process from start to finish,” said Metinteractive Senior Engineer Richard Gold, “determining the resolution; driving the screen with Nova Star MCTRL4k processors; the up-signal channel with DirecTV, Triple play and internal video distribution; the Crestron control. Everything went well thanks to all the time spent in the preparation process so that everyone knew what was going on and could contribute to the success of the team. It was a big wall to put up in an area where a lot of trades were working, but we were still able to put it up in less than two weeks.”

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“The installation went very well,” added Metinteractive project manager Don Ellis. “A lot of that was due to Mitsubishi Electric’s design and specification and how the LED panels fit together.

“The main screen offers a choice of eight layouts each consisting of windows, which can be populated from a list of 50 or more sources,” he explained. “It gives WynnBET a lot of flexibility. Once sports betting is approved in Massachusetts, they will know very well how to use the screen to generate betting window revenue.”


Metinteractive has designed the system’s user interface so that the average WynnBET employee with no AV training or experience can easily deploy it. “The 24-inch touchscreen control panels are graphical with simple iconography instead of being programmed,” said Metinteractive project manager Don Ellis. “They are easy to use and configurable: if you can choose a movie on Netflix, you can use it.” (Image credit: Metinteractive)

Ellis pointed out that Metinteractive designed the system’s user interface so that the average WynnBET employee with no AV training or experience could easily deploy it. “The 24-inch touch control panels are graphical with simple iconography instead of programming,” he said. “They’re easy to use and configurable: if you can select a movie on Netflix, you can use it.” Outside the control room, touch screens and iPads are available for bartenders and servers to respond to customer requests for what content they want to see.

Metinteractive and Mitsubishi Electric also collaborated on the double-sided LED video ring that encircles a massive LED sphere suspended near the entrance to the venue. The ring can display promotional content or the sports ticker stream.

In addition, Metinteractive installed 24 audio channels distributed throughout the lounge, two bars and two restaurants as well as 95 flat screens, including seven in the control room. “All sources available to the system can be sent to any TV on the floor through a unified control interface,” Gold said.

“It is a model for the future”

The WynnBET showcase project helped pave the way for future partnerships between Metinteractive and Mitsubishi Electric. “Our partnership can provide a complete end-to-end solution for customers,” says Mascari. “We can deliver the kind of refined experience that premium customers are looking for, and at a surprisingly affordable price.”

“It’s a model for the future,” Ellis said. “Together we can provide a complete AV solution, from distributed audio and video to LEDs for all markets: performing arts, sports, corporate, public spaces. I have seen many LEDs and beam LEDs , and to make them beautiful and seamless is a challenge.But Mitsubishi Electric’s end results at WynnBET were quite spectacular.


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