Bangladeshi man who ran hotel in Mexico for migrant smugglers gets 46 months in prison


Mohamed M. Hossain provided accommodation and plane tickets to Bangladeshi citizens who wanted to enter the United States illegally, according to the Department of Justice

EL PASO, Texas (Border report) – A Bangladeshi man will spend nearly four years behind bars for his role in a program to smuggle migrants to the United States, the Justice Department said.

Mohamad Milon Hossain, 41, and a Bangladeshi citizen, conspired and aided smugglers in his country, Mexico, Central and South America to facilitate the illegal entry of migrants into the United States in exchange for money, said federal officials. He was sentenced to 46 months in prison.

Hossain was a key facilitator and smuggler of Bangladeshi nationals, said Shane Folden, special agent for homeland security investigations in San Antonio.

Hossain operated at a hotel in Tapachula, Mexico, where he hosted and assisted people en route to the United States, prosecutors said. He provided plane tickets and other aids for people to travel from Tapachula to Monterrey, Mexico. There, a co-conspirator named Moktar Hossain allegedly aided their crossing to the United States, the Justice Department said.

“This human smuggling plot has operated on a global scale and endangered the lives of Bangladeshi migrants,” said Deputy Attorney General Kenneth A. Polite Jr. of the Criminal Division of the Ministry of Justice. “The Department of Justice will continue to work with our law enforcement partners at home and abroad to bring smugglers like Hossain to justice and to disrupt those criminal networks that illegally bring migrants from around the world to the United States. United.”

Acting Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer B. Lowery of the Southern District of Texas said the conspirators put profit before human life.

“Smugglers like Hossain often place migrants in dangerous situations, many resulting in serious injury and even death,” she said, adding that federal officials will continue to hold accountable those who transport non-migrants. authorized.

“Today’s conviction is a prime example of how Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) is using its global resources and interagency partnerships to bring international criminals like Mohamad Milon Hossain to justice in the United States,” said the Special Agent in Charge Shane Folden of HSI San Antonio.

Investigators from Laredo, Houston, Calexico, California and Mexico contributed to the case.


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