Beer shortage hits SF bars amid supply chain hiccups


The problem occurs in the local beer delivery service, as bars are forced to drastically reduce their beer menus due to gradual downturns.

This weekend was our first taste Restricted bar jump after COVID After last week Big recovery on June 15, And sleep on Friday and Saturday night, and until noon the next day, I hope everyone had a good time. But with a bar that has just reopened, especially a small bar, not everything is working. KPIX reports that some brands of beer lack bars. The delivery of rare beers is becoming more and more problematic..

In one of the oldest sci-fi bars (and Former Speakeasy Ban!! ) Elixir from General Manager Shea Shawnson told KPIX she used to receive weekly deliveries from a beer distributor. “The two weeks have been recent, ‘our delivery time is monthly’,” Seanson said. “So I have to store four weeks of beer.” And a bar of this size has no refrigeration space to store a month’s worth of beer.

this is Situation known as “nobody wants to work”But instead, a supply chain issue with a major distributor called Gold markThe problem is, Golden Brands supplies so many bars and restaurants that delivery schedule issues are rippling through the retail alcohol industry in San Francisco.

The brands of beer most likely to disappear from your favorite bar menu are the biggest labels. “All the big names, Miller, PBR, Modelo, Corona,” Maria Davis, owner of St. Mary’s Pub, told KPIX.

So far, around 80 different bar owners (all using Golden Brands as suppliers and all having the same supply issues) have signed complaint letters to Golden Brands more often. I am looking for a good delivery. But it remains to be seen if it will be ignored or if these complex complaints will make a real difference.

“I look forward to Mirror High Life,” Davis told the station. “I’m about to become Miller High Life’s Erin Brockovich.”

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Image: Mark E. Via Yelp

Beer shortage hits SF bars amid supply chain hiccups Beer shortage hits SF bars amid supply chain hiccups


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