Britain’s ‘most expensive beer’ costs the same as FOUR pub roasts


Britain’s ‘most expensive beer’ costs the same as FOUR pub roasts at almost £ 50.

Drinkers have compared spending their hard-earned cash on a glass of The Bruery’s Mash and Coconut Imperial Dark Ale to “throwing money down the toilet.”


Beer will set you back £ 47 for a bottleCredit: Susannah Ireland
Dark beer has hints of coconut


Dark beer has hints of coconut

Currently, a 750ml bottle of 13% ABV beer costs £ 47.

But the average price of a Sunday roast in a London pub is around £ 11.53, which means you can spend the money spent on a bottle of fancy coconut beer on four dinners – and have money for the pudding.

It comes as Wetherspoons slashed the price of a pint to just 99 pence in 671 of its pubs in a bid to attract more punters after the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the price of beer elsewhere is on the rise, averaging £ 4.44 for a pint in the UK.

The expensive California-brewed alcohol, on sale at The Craft Beer Co in Brixton, South London, is described as an “Imperial Bourbon Barrel Aged Brown Ale” with hints of coconut.

The capital is famous for its astronomical beer prices, but Friday night lager lover Roxie has said she would never pay such an astronomical price for just over a pint.

You literally throw money down the toilet

Roxie lager lover

She said, “It’s so much money for something that went away so quickly. Does it really taste better than it justifies paying so much?

“You literally throw money down the toilet.”

Lidia Kiszewska, who has over seven years of experience in the beer industry, told The Sun: “This price range is quite unusual to see, but it’s not the first time I’ve seen it. “

Lidia, resident expert at In Our Cellar, said she was “familiar” with breweries that market special edition high blood alcohol beers that are “quite expensive.”


HERE’S everything you can buy for the same price as a bottle of The Bruery’s Mash and Coconut.

  • A whopping 47 99p pints of Ruddles Best or Greene King IPA at Wetherspoons
  • 18 pints of Bud Light at ‘Spoons, priced at £ 2.49 each
  • Two fish and chip dinners at Youngs, priced at £ 17.99 each
  • Four roast dinners in London at £ 11.53 per plate
  • Four Tanqueray Double Gins at Greene King, priced at £ 9.80 each
  • Four Wetherspoons cocktail pitchers for £ 2-12
  • Three bottles of Hardy’s Chardonnay at Wetherspoons, £ 10.59 each
  • A bottle of Vilmart Cuvée Cellier Premier Cru Brut NV premium sparkling wine, £ 45 from Waitrose

The expert added that all sorts of fancy things go into a high-priced beer, from the way it’s fermented, to special artwork on the logo or its brewing in small batches.

She added: “It’s a pretty high price range, but personally I’m not surprised.”

And the staff at the Craft Beer Co said splashing out on an expensive bottle of mash and coconut would be like splurging £ 200 on a super chic bottle of wine.

It comes as Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a freeze on alcohol taxes in his budget last week, which will see the price of a pint drop by 3p – but not until 2023.

This is the second time in two years that the Chancellor has issued a lifeline to struggling British drinkers.

Tariff increases on beer, cider, spirits and wine were removed from last year’s budget for just the second time in 20 years.

This means that this is the third time that a Chancellor has frozen his office in two decades.

Ad campaign vice president Dawn Hopkins said there was “no chance” the move would result in a price change “through the bar.”

She said: “Prices are skyrocketing and these changes won’t happen until 2023 anyway.”

But other industry insiders have welcomed the news.

Addressing the hikes, Emma McClarkin, managing director of the British Beer & Pub Association, told The Sun: “The beer tax freeze will be welcomed by pub fans and brewers and shows that the Chancellor has listened to the 134,000 people who signed the Long Live The local petition.

“This will save £ 177million and secure 9,000 vital jobs across the country.

“Changing alcohol taxes is a major change for our industry.

“The cup of draft beer is worth £ 62million and is great news for community pubs.

“However, it is essential that tariffs on beer are still reduced for world-class UK brewers.”

750ml bottle arrives at 13% ABV


750ml bottle arrives at 13% ABVCredit: Susannah Ireland


The Craft Beer Co, 750ml bottle of mash and coconut – £ 47

The Bar Manchester, pint of The Unhuman Cannonball, £ 15

The Blackfriars of Albion, Amstel Pint – £ 5.69

The Hampstead Horseshoe, Camden Hells Pint – £ 4.70

The Clansman Bar Ayrshire, pint of Tivez’s lager – £ 1.65

Tablespoons, selected pints of lager and ale – 99p

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