‘Bully’ threw pints and a bottle of Budweiser at the bar and racially assaulted owner as locals attempted a quiet drink on Boxing Day


A ‘bully’ threw a bottle of Budweiser and four pint jars at a bar, then slammed vile racist slurs at a pub owner as locals attempted to savor a quiet pint on Boxing Day.

Robert Anderson, 50, was called a “complete thug” and staff told him he was behaving like the “kid in the back of a bus”.

The shocking episode took place shortly after entering the Bridgewater Packet pub in Eccles on Boxing Day, a court heard.

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Bar staff said they believed Anderson was banned due to a previous incident, but his friend promised they would have a drink and not cause any problems.

The bartender told Anderson they can stay until the owner returns in about half an hour.

Shortly after Anderson’s partner arrived at the pub, he was heard saying, “The cheeky c **** says I’m banned.”

Anderson has also been heard saying, “If I’m going to be in trouble, I might as well be in trouble for something serious.”

He then threw the bottle of Budweiser he had drunk towards the bar, hitting the bar portico, prosecutor Craig Macgregor told Manchester Crown Court.

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A bar worker was sprayed with glass and liquid.

He then threw four pints of beer at the bar as he hurled racist slurs at the owner, who was not present.

“Tell that n ***** owner he’s getting it,” Anderson said.

“Tell that n ***** of a landlord to fuck his pub,” he continued.

“F *** this black c ***,” he added.

His partner told Anderson, “If you weren’t banned before, you are now.”

The Bridgewater Packet pub in Liverpool Road, Eccles

Anderson grabbed the beer pumps and damaged them before leaving.

The pub was occupied by locals enjoying the holiday season, Boxing Day 2019.

“It was Boxing Day, it ruined their Christmas, or certainly their Boxing Day party,” Macgregor said.

A judge said he would have had “no hesitation” in jailing Anderson for his appalling behavior under other circumstances, but decided to spare him from jail.

“Your conduct on December 26, 2019 was downright disgraceful, there can be no excuse for it,” said recorder Mark Ainsworth.

“This is the kind of conduct that is deeply offensive and causes a lot of upheaval.”

A member of the bar staff said: “I have been employed in the pub industry for over twenty years and dealing with drunkenness is part of my job.

“However, Anderson’s performance in this case was something I had never seen before.

“It was just the actions of a complete thug.”

Another said he was “acting like a child in the back of a bus”.

While the owner said: “Anderson was down.

“He was not allowed to come to my house and start acting like he did.

“He’s no better than a bully and was just looking to intimidate my all-female bar staff and pose as the big man in front of his girlfriend and customers.”

Speaking of racist abuse, he added: “Anyone with an ounce of decency knows that the language he used was disgusting and nowhere appropriate.

“I think he thought he could upset people by using such language.

“The truth is, everyone thought he was an ignorant fool who lacked education and any form of decency.

“We know these type of people exist, but you never expect to hear them.

“No one wants to be surrounded by this type of language and certainly not the kind of person who says it.”

In defense, Michael Johnson said Anderson was “ashamed” and “embarrassed” about his behavior.

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Addressing racist abuse, he said: “What happened in the tavern would be bad enough without it.

“Mr. Anderson understands that this makes matters worse and that this kind of conduct will not be tolerated in modern civil society and has no place.”

The court heard that Anderson had a “bad record” but hadn’t had any problems for 10 years prior to this incident.

He is not working due to medical issues and now leads a “calmer” and “more peaceful” life after considering his relationship with alcohol, Mr Johnson said.

Anderson, of Northfleet Road, Eccles, was sentenced to eight months in prison, suspended for 12 months, ordered to observe a three-month curfew and complete 25 days of rehab activity.

He pleaded guilty to a racially aggravated public order offense and criminal damages.

A restraining order was passed prohibiting her from entering the pub indefinitely.


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