Carlisle’s prolific thief Peter Martin Vickers returns behind bars


A PROLIFIC thief who stole the purse of a bar worker in a Carlisle pub has been jailed for three months after admitting to his latest offense.

But a lawyer for Peter Martin Vickers, 44, told a district judge at the city’s Rickergate court that the accused took the purse behind the bar at the Cumberland Inn in Botchergate because he believed that it belonged to his friend’s girlfriend.

But after hearing the case, District Judge John Temperley said he was having trouble accepting that explanation.

Malcolm Isherwood, prosecuting, said the violation occurred on September 25 when Vickers entered the Cumberland Inn. While there, he saw a member of staff putting his bag on a shelf under the bar – something which was recorded by the pub’s CCTV.

“The accused was seen going around the bar, bending over and then picking up the bag from the shelf under the bar,” Mr. Isherwood said.

“Then you can see the handle of the bag chain under his jacket and he quickly pulls it up. The total value of the stolen items was £ 760 if compensation became an issue. ”

The court heard that the accused last appeared in court on March 17 for theft from a store, equipment for theft and violating a criminal conduct order. He was sentenced to several prison terms for his offense.

Anthony Wilson, in defense, said that on the night in question, the accused had been drinking with a friend and the friend’s girlfriend. “She lost her bag in one of the pubs,” Wilson said.

After seeing the bag, Wilson said, the defendant then “in a drunken stupor” reached under the bar thinking it might have been the one his friend’s girlfriend had lost.

Mr Wilson added: “He then took it out and left it on a table. He didn’t take anything out of the bag.

“But he was stupid enough to leave it on the table outside. He shouldn’t have taken the bag. It turned out that it was actually his ex-girlfriend’s daughter’s bag, so he’ll have some explanation the next time he meets his ex-girlfriend.

Mr Wilson said the defendant, of Deepdale Drive, Morton Park, is currently taking methadone, a prescription heroin substitute, and working with drug and alcohol agency Unity.

The lawyer added, “He does not take any street drugs and the bulk of his offenses have been acquiring drugs. It is the first time that he has his own property, which is given to him by a housing association. He fears losing this property.

District Judge Temperley said the offense was compounded by the accused’s previous poor criminal record.

The judge added: “It appears to be a pattern of offense.” He jailed the accused for 12 weeks and imposed a victim fine surcharge of £ 128. In 2019, Vickers, 44, of Carlisle, received a criminal conduct order in 2019 after a series of shoplifting brought him goods worth £ 2,500.


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