Conti’s accredited Delight Shopper program “a delicious blessing”


A blessing that came when we needed it most.

This is how Conti’s accredited buyers described the ‘Pasabuyer’ program at one of the Philippines’ most sought-after bakeries and restaurants. The last 2 years under the pandemic have been very difficult for everyone and many have been forced to look for other sources of income. When many lost their jobs, they found relief in the Accredited Conti’s Delight Shopper (ACDS) program.

Founded at the height of the pandemic, Conti’s has seen how people have become “pasabuying” like their bread and butter. The eagerness to help these buyers meet their needs is there, but maintaining the quality of service in handling cakes and pastries should always be respected. The management therefore decided to embrace the “pasabuyers” and train them. They have established an accreditation process that will eventually nickname them as Conti’s Delight accredited consumers.

The ACDS grew during the difficult times of the pandemic and became a welcome blessing.

Totoo pala kapag can mawala sayo, ibabalik ni Lord sayo ng sobra sobra. Yun blessings na binigay nya through Contis, bonga! “ – Mildred, a certified Conti’s Delight client, explains how the program has changed her life.

Mildred and her husband had to close their 2 businesses, a restaurant-bar and a milk tea room because of the pandemic. She did not know that all the money lost would be recovered through the ACDS program. Mildred thrives on making all of her clients happy. She is now an active businesswoman who has successfully protected her family from the financial effects of the pandemic through the Accredited Conti’s Delight Shopper program.

“Sobrang laki ng naitulong ni Conti‘s sa buhay namin, kasi ang prayer ko lang is pambili ng pagkain! Ginawa pa nya akong artist ”, Mildred jokes, referring to the interview produced by Conti to highlight their ACDS members.

We recognize how difficult life has been for many of us and us in Contis would love to be able to alleviate this ordeal in our own little way ”, joked Patricia Tan, general manager of the bakery and restaurant Conti. Conti’s wishes to spread the delight their cakes and pastries bring to many other Filipino homes despite the restrictions of the pandemic. To date, ACDS has 91 active members, mostly from the Luzon region. They want to go further and be able to feast from coast to coast, to Baguio, to Bicol.

Watch Mildred’s story of how the Conti’s Delight Shopper program became a delicious blessing here.


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