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If you’re looking for a memorable getaway, there isn’t much that compares to parking in a 19th-century French chateau. Located in the upper end of Victoria in Rutherglen, one of the state’s most pristine tracts of land for wine and produce can be found Domaine du Mont Ophir.
The magnificent building and tower were originally constructed in 1903 by local wine merchants as a grape processing and wine production facility.

After it closed in 1955, the magnificent Victorian brick building and French-style tower lay dormant for many years until a new generation of wine royalties took over the historic building.
Angela, Eliza and Nick Brown took over the estate in 2016, together they brought the magnificent estate back to its former glory with a plethora of luxury accommodation options.

Due to the large size of the estate, the living options have been divided into three sections, each visually stunning and respecting the theme of rustic winemaking. The piece de resistance, however, is the French Tower, a stunning three-level, castle-like accommodation with a spiral staircase that winds through each floor. Both guest spaces have a classic minimalist design with white painted walls and sleek furnishings, and light beaming through the large rectangular windows that also offer views of the entire estate.

The residence is a large space for up to eight people and has more of a farmhouse feel with a working antique country stove and wood paneling throughout. Finally, there is the gatehouse which is tucked away at the southern end of the estate offering a little more private experience. Mount Ophir is part of the Domaine de la Toussaint family and offers great options to sample the region’s quality produce, including St Leonards Vineyard, and Thousand Pound Wine Bar. If you want to get away from it all and become lord or lady of the manor, then click here to see all the details.

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