Dublin Pubs: Brewdog is offering unlimited free refills of non-alcoholic beer for Dry January


Brewdog is offering its customers free and unlimited refills of non-alcoholic beer to mark Dry January.

The New Year is here and with its arrival a number of Dubs will be participating in Dry January by reducing or stopping their alcohol consumption for the duration of the month. Whether you’re looking to save some cash or just be a little more reasonable than you were during the silly season, Brewdog has a helping hand.

The popular bar and restaurant, which opened at the Capital Dock of the Grand Canal in 2019, hosts Drink All You Can Jan, allowing patrons to enjoy unlimited refills of alcohol-free Draft Headliner for the first month of 2022.

Since opening in Dublin, Brewdog has grown into a popular destination for beer and food lovers. The franchise has a presence in the UK and around the world, with the Dublin outpost being the brand’s first in Ireland.

The venue has two bars with 32 taps serving a variety of craft beers and has become popular for its weekly food and drink events such as Wings Wednesdays, where diners can enjoy unlimited chicken wings.

They also regularly host beer schools where patrons can learn everything there is to know about brewing different types of beers.

The kitchen serves American-style fare such as burgers, hot wings, pizza, and snacks, including loaded fries and veggie sharing platters.

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