Frisco liquor sales jumped to $9.14 million, up 34%, during the holiday. Here’s where people spent the most


Frisco bars and restaurants saw an increase in total alcohol sales in December, totaling about $9.13 million, an increase of about 34% from $6.79 million in November.

Here are the Frisco restaurants and bars where customers spent the most on alcohol in December, according to data provided by the state.

10. Gloria’s Latin cuisine

Liquor sales at Gloria’s Latin Cuisine in December totaled $202,581, down 3.43% from $209,783 in November.

9. Restaurant and bar J. Theodore

Liquor sales at J. Theodore Restaurant and Bar in December totaled $203,000, up 14.76% from $176,890 in November.

8. Silver fox

Alcohol sales at Silver Fox in December totaled $219,017, up 66.74% from $131,351 in November.

7. Toyota Stadium

Alcohol sales at Toyota Stadium in December totaled $222,264, up 131.66% from $95,943 in November.

6. Hotel Omni Frisco

Liquor sales at the Omni Frisco Hotel in December totaled $260,717, up 8.74% from $239,755 in November.

5. Perry’s Steakhouse and Grill

Liquor sales at Perry’s Steakhouse and Grille in December totaled $344,196, a 79.43% increase from $191,832 in November

4. The Ford Center at the star

Liquor sales at Ford Center at the Star in December totaled $404,343, a 78.34% increase from $226,732 in November.

3. Concrete Cowboy

Liquor sales at Concrete Cowboy in December totaled $526,706, a 16.94% jump from $450,395 in November.

2. Dee Lincoln Premier

Liquor sales at Dee Lincoln Prime in December totaled $549,235, a 37.35% jump from $399,876 in November.

1. Kelly’s Craft Tavern

Liquor sales at Kelly’s Craft Tavern in December totaled $787,552, up 542.63% from $122,552 in November.


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