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A GREENFIELD pub has successfully obtained a variation of its establishment license despite local complaints of public nuisance.

An initial objection by OMBC’s environmental health officer to the implementation of King William IV’s plans was also dropped.

The decision to grant the amended terms submitted by Punch Partnerships (PTL) Limited was approved by the local authority’s clearance panel.

Ten members of the public opposed the request, including Saddleworth Ward Councilor Mavis Bingley, while 13 others supported the proposals.

The ‘King Bill’ is located in the center of the village, next to Greenfield Park and close to the Greenfield Cricket Club.

A shipping container has been transformed into an outdoor bar, a lounge area created while a marquee has also been erected in the parking lot, which previously could accommodate 24 vehicles.

As part of the submission of the claim it was stated that £ 70,000 had been ‘reserved by the claimant for improvements to the outer area’.

King Bill Pub, Greenfield – photo by Saddleworth Independent

However, one objection stated: “The marquee that has been erected over the parking lot creates excessive noise impacting our local coziness and enjoyment of our accommodation.

“The noise generated in the evening / early hours is audible in our home and impacts our family, disrupting our children’s sleep and impacting our mental well-being. “

However, a supporter of the app countered, “As a resident living just four doors away from the pub, I had no issues with the parking lot being used as an outdoor area for eating and drinking.
“I think it’s a welcome change to see people taking advantage of the extra space.”

The request has been submitted to allow the sale of alcohol in an outdoor bar, extend the opening hours to allow the premises to open every day from 8 a.m., and no accompanied child must leave the premises before. 10 p.m., except New Year’s Eve or at a private reception. .

Gary Maclean, an environmental health officer for OMBC, initially raised objections as follows: “There are currently no restrictions on how long the outdoor bar service can operate and whether its opening is permitted in accordance with under the existing license conditions, it is likely to cause noise pollution for residents.

However, the panel learned that the service would end at 9:30 p.m. and the area closed at 10 p.m.

In addition, notices will be posted prominently in the outdoor area asking customers to respect the needs of residents and to leave the premises and area in peace.

Staff will regularly monitor customers in the outdoor area to ensure that customers are not causing public nuisance.

If there is noise nuisance (shouting / swearing), the supervisor or the designated representative of the premises will take measures to control the noise.

And if customers are constantly loud despite requests, then they will be invited to come out or move around inside the pub.

You can view the application and documents online

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