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After closing in 2019, being acquired by Lighthouse Hospitality Group and undergoing months of renovations, the Heidel House Resort & Conference Center in Green Lake is fully open and operational.

Now, two years after its closure, the Heidel House property enters a new era and prepares to help its guests create wonderful memories at its resort.

The resort has 115 rooms, two ballrooms for weddings and events, two restaurants, two bars and a clothing store.

Opposite the Heidel House is the Evensong Spa, which hopes to reopen this year, Sevcik said.

“If there are bachelorette parties or groups of women who come to stay here and want to go to the spa, we can transport them in our shuttle,” Heidel House General Manager Nicole Sevcik said during of the inauguration of the complex on September 8.

Barb Berg has opened an Indigo Blue Boutique satellite store in the lobby of the Heidel house, where she sells stylish women’s clothing and accessories.

The independently contracted Escapade tour boat will be available to take guests on tours of Green Lake, while the resort’s pier welcomes boaters to the hotel’s restaurants and bars.

While the resort has been welcoming guests since June, staff shortages have caused problems when the resort reopens, Sevcik said.

“There were a few hiccups that we had to overcome this summer,” she said. “But I think we overcame most of the personnel issues.”

Now that the busy summer season is over and the resort is out of season, Sevcik said the plan now is to look for staff for next spring.

While Heidel House has experienced staff shortages this summer, Sevcik said they will need a full stage for the busy season as they are already planning next season’s weddings.

“Next spring and summer, pretty much every Saturday is already booked with weddings,” she said.

Sevcik said she was really happy people came to see and enjoy the completely renovated resort.

“The restaurant is doing absolutely wonderfully and the roads are beautiful, so it’s just a matter of bringing more people here to see the changes and stay with us,” she said.

Town Square marketing manager and former Heidel House staff Amelia Compton Wolff said the resort’s restorations make it a place a lot of people will want to come.

“I was a housekeeper here in the early 2000s and you could tell this place had once been a really big and lovely hotel, and I think what they’ve done here now is really beautiful,” he said. she declared.

Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Lisa Meier said she was very happy that the Heidel House is back up and running.

“I grew up here, so this place has been my summer job for four years,” Meier said. “I am happy that he is back and that the impact that the Heidel House is going to have on our community and the chamber of commerce is enormous.”

The Heidel House has a major impact on the economy of the community during the tourist season, Meier said.

“At Heidel House, when a person stays overnight, they spend an average of $ 162 for a one-night stay only,” she said. “It does not include their accommodation costs. They go to the gas station, to a cafe, or to buy a trinket in a gift shop.

With 115 rooms and weddings almost every weekend in the summer, the Heidel House puts a lot of money back in Green Lake, Meier noted.

In addition, the Heidel House will contribute to the budget of the chamber of commerce.

“What this will do is help our organization to be stronger because we are able to take the taxpayer money generated here, reinvest it in the marketing, events and promotion of Green Lake,” he said. she declared.

Meier said the reopening of the Heidel House in Green Lake makes the area more pleasant to live in and visit.

“The bedroom is ecstatic, we’re just happy to find this piece of history back in Green Lake,” she said.

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