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By Sanjay Vyas, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Parexel

COVID-19 has completely upended the work ecosystem and the expectations employers and employees have of the workplace. With an increase in the number of remote and hybrid jobs, roles, and work models, people are no longer limited by their geographic location to get their jobs done or pursue their career goals. Therefore, finding new, innovative ways to hone skills and evolve employees into different roles has become crucial for companies to improve employee engagement, productivity, and morale.

To nurture the talent pool, organizations must establish talent mapping and identification processes, supported by ongoing development programs. Organizations need to have a strong training system in place to constantly improve internal team capabilities and source potential employees, all with the goal of building a versatile talent pool.

At Parexel, we believe in developing the niche employee skills required for future growth sectors. We also identify potential candidates through talent assessments designed to assess employee skills to create a strong talent pipeline. In addition, employees receive appropriate training in their areas of interest and opportunities in real time or in a simulated work environment to improve these skills.

It’s also important to offer strong mentorship and recognition programs that can help employees motivate, develop and grow. At Parexel, for example, we provide our employees with programs such as enhanced career plans and job rotation frameworks to ensure their needs for growth and motivation are met. Investing in the development of internal talent strengthens our teams and prepares them for uncertainties.

Programs addressing racial, ethnic, cultural and unconscious biases

Among many characteristics, an ideal leader has a clear purpose and the ability to effectively manage conflict without bias – whether it involves gender, race, ethnicity, culture or any other difference. In our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I), Parexel has implemented policies and practices to promote inclusivity within our global teams. We also have a dedicated DE&I team and a cross-functional, multidisciplinary team of leaders who are committed to ensuring that our company – in culture and in practice – makes everyone feel valued.

To combat unconscious bias in all its forms, we offer employees a comprehensive DE&I training program, which creates serious dialogue on the subject. Parexel has also adopted a patient-inclusive strategy to focus on increasing the diversity of clinical trials. To support this effort, we have collaborated with industry groups such as the Society for Clinical Research Sites, Center for Clinical Research Participation Information and Study to advance diversity in clinical trials. Additionally, Parexel has several programs to identify and advance women in leadership. These programs help our female colleagues develop leadership skills and access the tools, resources and mentorship/support systems needed to accelerate their careers.

Programs like these and others ensure that all Parexel colleagues understand the importance of partnership between gender, community and LGBTQ+ allies, equality, as well as the importance of diversity with our trials and our relationships with suppliers.

A great place to work for employees around the world

To maintain an inclusive workplace, respectful, engaging and honest communication is of utmost importance. Parexel regularly organizes various round tables bringing together male and female colleagues and executives analyzing the role of men in the implementation of gender equity. These discussions helped Parexel colleagues create and increase awareness of a mixed environment.

In recognition of its commitment to creating an inclusive, unbiased, skilled and developed workforce, Parexel has been awarded a Great Place to Work in India certification, which is considered the “Gold Standard” in creating an excellent culture. of work. After being assessed in five categories – Pride, Credibility, Fellowship, Respect and Fairness – Parexel earned the title by creating, supporting and recognizing a culture of trust and high performance in the workplace.

An attempt to help talents reshape the lives of our patients: the Parexel Academy

Parexel helps its employees and other organizations develop cutting-edge capabilities that impact the lives of patients. For example, Parexel Academy’s education and learning solutions consist of the highest level of practice and theory, as well as the latest practical, scientific and market information provided by leading industry experts. . Their global education and learning solutions include university collaborations, individual and professional programs, and solutions for sponsors and study sites.

In conclusion, being transparent and fair in its DE&I efforts, Parexel has proven to be a great place to work for potential candidates from all walks of life. Parexel’s commitment to being a diverse organization that relies on the skills of its employees to deliver breakthrough work is considered one of the greatest motivators for employees worldwide. The company strategically identifies and undoes unconscious bias, employs complex talent-building processes, and defines new industry-disruptive practices in clinical trials and healthcare initiatives, to further its efforts. In this way, Parexel enables employees to impact patients’ lives – with heart.

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