How Virgin plans to modernize its lounges in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth


The Melbourne lounge reopened by Virgin Australia marks the first time that the airline’s ‘new lounge look’ introduced in Adelaide has been extended to its existing lounges, but it certainly won’t be the last.

Other Virgin lounges – including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra – are also in line for a “less corporate, more casual” refreshment, adding key aspects of Adelaide’s design.

Virgin Australia’s refreshed Melbourne Lounge.

It could even be subtly rolled out in multiple stages rather than shutting down any living room for a major overhaul.

While the next round of transformations are built into Virgin’s lounge renovation schedule, the airline is also considering ways to make smaller changes along the way.

“We will continue to work on our maintenance and refurbishment schedule (but also) to make updates where we see fit,” says Sarah Adam, Virgin Australia’s Managing Director for Product and Customer Experience.

“It could be things like taking things like greenery before a full renovation,” Adam said. Executive traveler.

“There are things we could bring in now that don’t need to wait for a complete renovation. “

Virgin Australia's refreshed Melbourne Lounge.

Virgin Australia’s refreshed Melbourne Lounge.

Adam said this could include some of the playful signage from the Adelaide and Melbourne lounges, “although this obviously causes a level of disruption” to passengers and normal lounge operations.

For its part, Melbourne serves as a role model for showing how every living room can be made more functional while being softer and more welcoming, turning them into something more “on the brand” for Virgin Australia 2.0.

The new furnishings and accessories evoke “a really relaxed vibe,” says Adam, while travelers clearly prefer lounges to have spaces or areas defined for different needs, as is the case in lounges in Adelaide and now. from Melbourne.

Virgin Australia's refreshed Melbourne Lounge.

Virgin Australia’s refreshed Melbourne Lounge.

In Melbourne, these spaces include

  • The Gallery Lounge, described as “the ideal place to enjoy the breathtaking view of the tarmac” and equipped with comfortable chairs and ottomans
  • The veranda, which offers a “mix of comfortable seating” leaning towards couples, co-workers and family members
  • The Long Stay, labeled as “a relaxation area adjacent to the Wine Down Bar with an emphasis on individual seating so the solo traveler can catch up or relax before their flight.”

These three zones were created within the existing living room space and without removing or adding any walls, says Adam.

“The structure remained the same, we were able to create zones thanks to the furniture” and by realigning certain spaces to integrate existing functions such as the barista station and the wine bar.

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