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Hyperion Tiles is known for its design-focused portfolio of porcelain, stone and mosaic wall tiles and engineered wood flooring. By expanding its collection to include the line of luxury wall panels from MikodanHyperion will be able to provide alternative state-of-the-art wall and ceiling solutions for discerning interior designers and hoteliers.

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“We have been successful in partnering with Mikodam, an architectural products and furniture brand, as the exclusive supplier in the UK,” said Richard Skeoch, Director at Hyperion Tiles. “Installing Mikodam panels on walls and ceilings facilitates even sound distribution and avoids acoustic flaws such as glare, background echo and flutter echo. This makes it the ideal solution for commercial properties, such as hotels, restaurants and bars.

Mikodam has just launched five striking new panel designs – Deta, Neka, Rona, Sona and Zeta, all of which are now available from Hyperion Tiles. With strong graphic and architectural qualities, these panels have the ability to transform a wall or ceiling into a unique design statement. All panels are available in a range of colours, materials and shapes, with options allowing the designer to experiment with different rotations and combinations, as each panel is attached to an innovative rail system that allows 90° rotation, 180° and 270° .

“These panels are part of Mikodam’s ultra-modern acoustic collection, which combines function and form,” Skeoch said. “They address a variety of noise and soundproofing issues, making them ideal for the hospitality sector, enhancing peace, privacy and comfort.”

Besides the aesthetic qualities of the panels as a strong design statement, they also provide practical solutions by improving acoustics and facilitating the visual definition of space. They are a versatile feature for commercial properties such as offices, restaurants and bars, as well as a valuable addition to residential projects, such as luxury apartments and townhouses.

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