Lexington sports bar promotes “Who dey?” menus for Super Bowl LVI


LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Kentuckians got excited for the big game day on Sunday, and not just fans, but local businesses promoted the Bengals’ return to the Super Bowl, after a 33-year wait.

For the Bengals’ first Super Bowl since 1989, a local restaurant, Drakes offered a themed menu for patrons.

Bar manager Kelly Rosaldo said: “The day after the playoff game, we decided we had to do something nice for our guests because traditionally the Super Bowl is a bit slow for us. We always have away teams and the Bengals are so close to us this year, so we thought we’d do something special for our guests this time around.

On Sunday, Drake’s introduced its “Who Dey” themed menu, including Cheetah drinks and specialty beers.
“It’s kind of Louisiana, Cincinnati-based, kind of a nod to Joe Burrow,” Rosaldo said.

With the loyal Drakes fan base, their sales are already up for the quarter due to the Bengals’ performance all season.

“We will be at drakes the whole game. This is the place to be,” said Bengals fan and Drakes client Ale Walker, walking in with friends to grab a spot for the game.

Walker said she grew up watching the Bengals, but this is the first time she’s seen them in the Super Bowl.

“I’m from eastern Kentucky, but that’s huge for the area,” Walker said. “And it’s crazy because we haven’t been to the super bowl; I was born in 1995, so not in my lifetime, but it’s pretty exciting.

Like most Bengal fans, Walker shoots for quarterback, Joe Burrow, to pick up the win.

“There is a statistic. I think Joe is the most sacked quarterback, but he’s getting away with it so it’s exciting and fun. He’s a young quarterback, leading the team, it’s a bit different because he’s very young, he’s not like a legacy guy, you know, so I think that’s cool to have a rookie,” Walker said.

Along with the Super Bowl festivities, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced its campaign, “Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk”.

Rosaldo said she and her team will uphold “responsible alcohol service” standards and help fans get home safely.

“We’re still watching, even after the third drink the waiters come and say, ‘Hey, my table got a third drink’ and we start watching the table and making sure everyone is safe,” said Rosaldo.

Safely, Rosaldo said they even offer to call carpools for their customers if needed, “We’ll always make sure you have a safe way home.”


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