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Founded in 1727, the New Hope, PA-based Logan Inn is steeped in tradition and reflects the heart of Pennsylvania, becoming a must-see destination on the East Coast. Landmark Hospitality has completed an expansion, renovation and revitalization to create a boutique travel experience for travelers and locals alike to meet the growing intrigue of the historic property.

“Every time in the 35 years that I have been coming here, I have always made a friend. It’s just that kind of town. There is a vibe that I haven’t found elsewhere in all of my travels, ”said Frank Cretella, Co-Founder / Director of Landmark Hospitality. InspireDesign during a virtual tour of the property.

Landmark Hospitality’s central mission was to maintain the original craftsmanship while incorporating modern amenities and creating a one-of-a-kind luxury experience for guests. To do this, Landmark Hospitality preserved the existing 12,000 square feet. inn and added a remarkable 32,000 square feet. adjacent building and hyphenation structure that connects the new building to the original property. After two years of construction, Landmark Hospitality was able to maintain the integrity of the original space while modernizing and expanding the inn to fill the historic but progressive nature of the community. Now open, the revived 38-key Logan Inn serves as a hub for the town of New Hope and design enthusiasts around the world to observe its striking artisanal and industrial aesthetic.

“The design is very open and we have created different spaces for people to settle in or come back to visit,” said Cretella. “We see construction as the colorful side of luxury… We support the artistry of everything; everything we show you can see and touch. I think the people who are artistic at first, and this is this city, a lot of people from the 70s and 80s who took refuge here, stayed. These are the people we want to please. They appreciate the artisanal and authentic side of everything we have done.

A sense of belonging
Considering the hostel’s overall mission to serve as a gathering place for the community, Landmark Hospitality has placed an emphasis on restoring the facade of the structure. The design team opened up the exterior by removing the large overhang that previously shielded the inn from street views. This strategic removal revealed the original porches and patio and drew a clear line of sight to the newly constructed property. Featuring a striking balance of reclaimed wood and various metals, the new building exudes a fresh but timeless look that blends beautifully with the old town aesthetic. Rather than replicating the existing structure, Landmark Hospitality has deliberately designed the adjacent building to perfectly match the style of the old building while incorporating luxurious modern amenities. To ensure the Logan Inn maintains its dominant character throughout the renovation and expansion, the design team modeled the exterior aesthetics after neighboring New Hope properties and homes, reinforcing his strong sense of belonging.

“We made an open kitchen because we wanted our kitchen staff to be a part of the experience,” Cretella explained. “There are conversations between the guest and the chef. It is also a good way to create a family between the front and the back of the house. It had thought to be inclusive and welcoming to everyone.

A design that promotes community
Landmark Hospitality has designed a “lounge” to welcome guests rather than a traditional hotel lobby to provide a unique experience. Eye-catching living room features include oak beamed ceilings and exposed brick walls. Landmark Hospitality has strategically placed large windows adorned with light wood on both sides of the living room, which extend a clear line of sight between the old and the new building. The property’s color scheme and woodwork are other qualities that perfectly blend the designs of the buildings, along with a reclaimed wood double staircase that physically merges the two. The property exudes a warm feel of industrial-style accent materials, including vaulted tobacco brick, black steel, brass, and copper, in various shades of reclaimed wood. The property exudes a warm feel without compromising the chic aesthetic.

Beyond the main lounge, guests are greeted by multiple gathering spaces on raised plans, including an open kitchen, ballroom, two dining rooms, cigar lounge, whiskey lounge and bar in a spacious gazebo. In keeping with industrial aesthetics, the face of the bar is made of copper and stainless steel, with a copper hood above it. Landmark Hospitality created a two-level basement to encourage social interaction with guests and locals. One level features a huge 3,000-bottle wine cellar, large-scale rock art pieces featuring classic celebrities such as John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Freddie Mercury, Pat Benetar, Debra Harry, Keith Haring and David Bowie , and a pool table in the center of the room. The second level has a complete old-fashioned movie theater complete with branded lighting fixtures, movie posters and a concession stand. The dining room contains four spectacular round chandeliers, which hang from the oak ceilings built on site.

“The great thing about New Hope is the people watching. It’s such an active space. With the Logan Inn having the largest frontage on Main St., this is the perfect spot for people-watching and the townspeople to take a perch and see the people they know pass by – it’s designed to promote that. When we built the Good and Plenty Bar, we didn’t create a back bar on purpose. We wanted no matter where you sit at the bar, you watch other customers, who welcome new connections.

The design team expanded the inn to offer 38 rooms, more than double the 16 rooms previously available. Of the 38 rooms, there are four suites, three of which have a patio with a direct view of New Hope. The bathroom design gives the space a luxurious look and feel thanks to the sleek freestanding tub, skylights and marble finishes. Suites have hanging fireplaces, freestanding tubs, and mixology stations with craft spirits, homemade mixers, and hand-carved ice. Each added room is uniquely and distinctly appointed from one another, but they all share a common enthusiasm for architecture, art, design, and colorful luxury.

A fully catered experience
With the individual experience at the forefront of the design process, Landmark Hospitality encourages guests to personalize their in-room experience by providing access to Bluetooth speakers and the ability to personalize in-room alcohol offerings and accommodations. pets. To better respond to the personal experience, customers can check in to their rooms from a phone application that geolocates their arrival.

In addition to the plethora of experiences that the hostel itself offers through its design, Landmark Hospitality puts the customer first with a robust program of alternating activities. For example, the hostel offers a variation of the traditional British ‘afternoon tea’ at 4:00 p.m., where, instead of serving tea, guests can participate in the tasting of special spirits one day, fondue and champagne the next day, or even roll sushi with acclaimed hostel chef Greg Vassos.

Every facet of the hostel’s design and operation is at the heart of the guest experience. The Logan Inn is familiar to guests for its warm design intent, yet quirky and exciting in its recently restored and expanded offerings and features.

“It’s great that we’ve built a place that people love, comment on and feel good about, it’s a big part of our design,” said Cretella. “We don’t want certain designs to make people a little uncomfortable, we want people to be inspired by what we do, notice the details, but more importantly, we want them to feel right there. comfortable and feel they look great in it. “


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