Lounge by Topgolf offers golf activities and entertainment


Imagine being able to practice your golf swing, enjoy mini-golf and other immersive interactive games with your family and friends in a downtown location where quality wines and international food are on offer.

This is the new and unique entertainment experience that Lounge by Topgolf presents to its customers in Shanghai.

“As the first Topgolf fair in China, we have created a complete indoor gathering place for golf games, golf training, family and social activities, as well as movies and other immersive games,” said Nicolas Chapin, managing director of Topgolf Entertainment China, said Shanghai Daily.

Ti Gong

A glimpse of the colorful Topgolf Lounge in Shanghai.

Topgolf was born in the UK in 1999 as a community space for golfers and their families. The concept progressed in the United States and became a brand of sports entertainment – a mixture of games, high food and drink offerings, and entertainment in one place.

Topgolf has launched more than 70 locations around the world, including countries like Australia, Mexico, and the United Arab Emirates.

Despite its name, Lounge by Topgolf is not limited to golf.

“Golf and sports are just one aspect,” Chapin said. “In fact, it is difficult to give a precise definition to The Lounge, as its formats and entertainment functions are new to both Topgolf and our customers.

“This is an experience of exploring an innovative one-stop entertainment venue for urban residents, especially in a metropolis like Shanghai.”

Lounge by Topgolf offers golf activities and entertainment

Nicolas Chapin, Managing Director of Topgolf Entertainment China

Occupying an area of ​​2,700 square meters on the second floor of Central Plaza in downtown People’s Square, Lounge by Topgolf is equipped with Swing Suites that feature over 80 interactive games, mini golf, VIP rooms with amenities immersive entertainment and a spacious dining room with creative Pan-Asian dishes and handcrafted cocktails.

The Swing Suites offer an excellent alternative to the driving range. Players can practice their golf swing and play 18 holes on more than 80 courses from around the world in downtown Shanghai, regardless of the weather.

Food choices and artistic designs set Lounge by Topgolf apart from ordinary sports bars. In addition to entertainment functions, the venue can also accommodate business meetings, formal or leisure meetings, and team building activities.

Lounge by Topgolf offers golf activities and entertainment

Ti Gong

Golf-themed decoration at the entrance to the Lounge by Topgolf.

According to Chapin, Topgolf will open a flagship site in Chengdu, southwestern Sichuan province, next year. It will feature open bays with a large outdoor field of target holes, VIP rooms with open bays or swing suites, and multiple dining concepts.

“We are heavily invested in introducing the concepts of indoor and urban living rooms and outdoor sports venues in several cities in China in the coming years,” Chapin said. “We have strong confidence to grow and explore with customers and friends in China. “

Lounge by Topgolf offers golf activities and entertainment

Ti Gong

Topgolf’s flagship spot in Chengdu


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