Massachusetts cannabis gift guide: industry gives way to buying local products to help sleep and support women-owned businesses


Could cannabis be the new fruit cake for the holiday season? This is what Tree House Cannabis’ Ture Turnbull would love to see as the calendar approaches the most wonderful time of the year.

“I want them [cannabis] bundles to be the new fruit cake that people give everyone over the holidays, ”said Turnbull.

As Christmas approaches, cannabis dispensaries across Massachusetts are a way to shop locally and not leave you waiting for a package to arrive at your doorstep.

Turnbull and Wes Ritchie, who recently opened Tree House in Dracut, see cannabis as a gift that can appeal to everyone, from the “canna-curious” to the power user, especially given the stressfulness everyone has. feels lately.

Gifting cannabis for the holidays can be more than just a bunch of flowers for the cannabis lover in your family. For people worried about stigma or who haven’t used cannabis since the 1970s, going to a dispensary can be intimidating.

This is why Leah Samura of Yamba Boutique often visits the dispensary for people who are uncomfortable, such as some of the women in her church. For Samura, giving cannabis as a gift is also about empowering women.

Samura plans to open Yamba Boutique next year, which will be the first 100% black-owned cannabis company in Harvard Square. The location was originally built as a police station in 1864, Samura said.

“Being able to sell cannabis in a place like this says a lot,” she said. “It’s a boutique so it will be small. It will be a place that caters more to women and more to baby boomers, to the elderly, to those of us who don’t really have the ability to have products for us. It’s really like a male dominated industry and I’m really trying to cut that out a bit. “

Jodi Hylton, Head of Product Innovation at Garden Remedies, said cannabis is a great gift because it lets you think about a person and their needs.

“If someone has a sweet tooth and really likes great food, give them great food … if someone is a cannabis lover, there is nothing they will love more than a super premium flower, ”Hylton said. “It’s just another level of being really thoughtful and focused on who you are offering.”

Here’s a cannabis gift guide with top picks from Samura, Hylton and Turnbull and Ritchie.

Léa Samura from Yamba Boutique

Purine is a cannabis-infused personal lubricant launched in Massachusetts by Leah Samura and her husband. Photo courtesy of Leah Samura.

Lately, Samura has said that she feels dizzy from three different products.

First, the clothes from the Buy Weed from Women brand, said Samura, who wore a company t-shirt.

“People have to go and support the women in the grass. It is important. There aren’t many of us, ”Samura said.

Samura also suggests The Healing Rose, a Newburyport-based women-owned business that Samura considers a good introduction to cannabis as the products are infused with CBD. She said she often finds herself recommending The Healing Rose balms.

And then, merging her passions around cannabis, supporting women and sexual empowerment, Samura recommends Purient, which combines natural lubricating oils with an essential blend of cannabis.

Samura launched the product with her husband, Sieh Samura, and it is the first in a product line called Bedroom Cannabis. While Purine can be used for privacy and can help with health issues like fibroids and endometriosis, Samura said.

“Cannabis is not just in a form to be smoked. There are many ways to introduce people to cannabis and there is a lot to give, ”Samura said.

Ture Turnbull and Wes Ritchie from Tree House Craft Cannabis

Non-user plan

A set of Tree House Craft Cannabis non-user products. Photo courtesy of Tree House Craft Cannabis.

Turnbull and Ritchie created bundles of cannabis for the holiday season, which they believe helps customers shop with a specific cause or need in mind. And in the packages is a piece of handcrafted “canna-art” by Icarus Pipes and Pottery, made by a Tree House employee.

The bundles range from products for non-consumers or “newbies” to some for “superusers,” they said.

“We kind of thought, let’s start with the most basic place. Let’s start with a place where everyone can participate, whether or not you’re a federal worker or something, ”Ritchie said.

CBD products, like those in The Healing Rose, are a way to get started without consuming THC, the main psychoactive compound in cannabis.

For people who want THC, Turnbull and Ritchie suggest a Cannabis-infused Seltzer from Cantrip. Trying a drink similar to a carbonated alcoholic drink may be more comfortable for someone new to the industry.

For the enthusiast, they have a flower focused package.

“For super users, it’s a volume game,” said Ritchie. “So we packed in a 10 pre-roll pack to choose your favorite pre-roll…. “

Mederi Flower, grown by a woman-owned business in Holliston using an aqua-phonic method, is something the two co-owners recommend to customers.

“It’s great that all of our products are made in Massachusetts. We’re kind of a one-stop-shop in the sense that you don’t have to worry about Amazon. You can buy lots or just a product for yourself or for your loved ones, ”said Turnbull.

Jodi Hylton from Garden Remedies

Sleep + by Garden Remedies

Sleep + from Garden Remedies is a smoke-free capsule that contains both THC and a cannabinoid compound called CBN to help sleep. Photo courtesy of Garden Remedies.

Starting with people new to cannabis, Hylton recommends the new nor’easter chocolate bar from Garden Remedies. The bar, which costs between $ 25 and $ 30, is topped with non-pares to add a bit of festivity.

“I would love the nor’easter bar to be the only nor’easter we have this year,” Hylton said with a laugh. “It really is delicious chocolate.”

A smoke-free option is often the most comfortable for someone just starting to try cannabis, Hylton said, but edibles are popular with users of all skill levels as well.

For someone in your life who has trouble sleeping, Hylton suggested Sleep +, a capsule that contains both THC and a cannabinoid compound called CBN that helps you sleep better at night. The product was created through a partnership between Garden Remedies and scientists at Real Isolates.

Everyone who buys the product has been asked about the quality of their sleep and so far, with hundreds of participants since April, 85% have had a good night’s sleep after using Sleep +, Garden Remedies said.

Sleep + sells for around $ 30 depending on variation and location.

An option that should intrigue a more seasoned cannabis user, Hylton takes a look at cultivators in the Cultivators series, which she says are like the equivalent of gifting a wine lover a bottle of party champagne. Soon, Garden Remedies will have Cease and Desist, an indica-leaning hybrid that crosses Face Off OG with Girl Scout Cookies.

Only small amounts of flowers are reserved for the Cultivator series, Hylton said, then tend to go fast.

“The last time we sold in just over a week,” she said. “As soon as people see it, you can see it’s a lot different. The buds are huge.

However, cease and desist will not be available until December 27.

“So just save some of that Christmas money,” Hylton said. “Treat yourself too, after you’ve treated everyone else on your list.”

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