Night market-inspired themed restobar serves cuisine from around the world



The new Nght Mrkt restobar, which is inspired by the model of a night market, offers a unique experience to diners.

Entering the place at Khader Nawaz Khan Road would feel like stepping into a bustling market where everything one needs is just around the corner. Created by Varun Sheth, Ritvik Varun and four others, the place displays a unique theme for its interiors and food. “We wanted to introduce something new and unique to Chennai.

This restaurant-bar draws its inspiration from markets around the world. We have included a wide variety of dishes for customers to choose from at their convenience. Our menu is constantly evolving – over the next few months we will add a few more cuisines depending on demand, ”says Varun Sheth, one of the partners.

If the customer is up for a good ol ‘podi idli or Kerala style beef curry with paratha Malabar, Nght Mrkt has them covered. When Ritvik Varun told us that their lean potatoes are addictive, we totally agree. This must-have starter is made with crispy potatoes mixed with chili oil, garlic and green onions. A few starters on the menu include okra fries, peri peri paneer tikka, and spicy pork momos. Unlike regular pizzas, their thick crust pesto burrata pizza is served in rectangular slices. The Detroit-style pizza is made with a Parmesan crust topped with pesto, burrata, and oven-roasted tomatoes. If you want to explore more Pan Asian cuisines, Nght Mrkt has options like nasi goreng and Thai red curry with jasmine rice that are bursting with flavors from Indonesia and Thailand. Sushi tacos combine the best of Asian and Mexican cuisine. Interestingly, the taco toppings have an Indian twist – they include raw mango, pickled carrots and cheese, and other choices like teriyaki chicken or smoked salmon, cream cheese, and spicy mayonnaise.

The availability of a wide range of drinks makes Nght Mrkt one of the new hot spots. “We have what are called cocktail buckets that can be shared by 3 or 4,” says Varun. Apart from classic drinks such as margarita or cosmopolitan, if one wants to be a bit experimental he / she can try their special drinks – Classic Mrkt Mary – vodka, fresh lemon juice, Tabasco, Worcestershire and tomato juice or Nght Mrkt Roberta – gin, vodka, tequila brandy, blueberries and grapefruit soda.

Nght Mrkt’s interiors deserve a mention – diners can take a leisurely stroll and choose their food from seven stalls, including a coffee and ice cream station. Soon, Ritvik will introduce liquid nitrogen ice cream to the dessert menu. “We plan to add six ice creams – three will be alcoholic and three will be non-alcoholic. The most popular dessert currently is churros, which are served with salted caramel and dark chocolate sauce, ”Varun says ironically.


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