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After facing closure throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Quinnipiac University campus pub will reopen on October 18, regardless of the bar’s liquor license status.

The university applied for a liquor cafe license with the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) on May 13. Caitlin Anderson, director of DCP’s liquor control division, told The Chronicle that the application was pending and the DCP had not submitted it to the Liquor Control Commission (LCC) for review.

Despite the wait for a state liquor license, Quinnipiac will open its campus pub, On the Rocks, on October 18. (Daniel Passapera / Chronicle)

Quinnipiac experiment director Tom Ellett said the university was finalizing documents for the permit and plans to receive approval before opening.

Kaitlyn Krasselt, director of communications for DCP, told The Chronicle that there was no date set for the submission of the application to the LCC yet. She said the length of the process depends on the complexity of the request. The next hearing the commission will be held on Oct. 21, but it’s not for Quinnipiac, which means the university likely won’t get the permit until it opens.

However, Ellett said the pub will open nonetheless.

“We are excited,” Ellett said. “We’ll probably do two to three nights a week and then increase it with special nights like game nights. “

The permit Quinnipiac is seeking allows mixed use, meaning students of legal age and minors can be in the space, but students under the age of 21 cannot be in the bar area. Ellett said the university is still waiting for the permit before determining what type of alcohol the pub will serve.

On the Rocks will feature live entertainment including bands, comedians, magicians, DJs, acoustics and karaoke, according to The Chronicle permit application obtained from DCP through Freedom of Information. Act (FOIA).

Associate vice president of public relations John Morgan said the university spent around $ 1 million on the pub’s design, construction and furnishings.

Megan Fonseca, an advertising and integrated communications major, said she was excited about On the Rocks reopening because she lived in York Hill last year, and it was gear she would have. wanted to use.

On the Rocks first opened on February 29, 2020, before closing due to COVID-19 precautions. (Daniel Passapera / Chronicle)

“I think it should be pretty exciting at least for me personally because we were sent home… so no one got to use it, which was a bit upsetting,” Fonseca said.

The college can do a lot with space, Fonseca said, especially broadcasting popular sports matches such as those against Yale University where not everyone gets tickets.

Although she has a pub on campus, Fonseca said she would always go to New Haven’s nightlife spots because they are “two different environments and two different atmospheres.”

Media Studies freshman Melina Maldonado said that while the campus pub wouldn’t stop her from going to New Haven, it’s a great addition to college.

“Having On the Rocks on campus would definitely interest me because I can take the shuttle there from the main campus (where she lives) and not have to spend money on an Uber,” said Maldonado.

The space allows adults and minors, but only students over 21 can be in the bar area. (Daniel Passapera / Chronicle)

Ellett said student organizations can also host events at the pub, but will have to pay a fee. He did not specify the amount of the fee, but it will be removed if clubs meet the minimum threshold for the amount of food that must be sold.

The university is working with the Student Programming Board (SPB) and other organizations to host events in space, Ellett said. SPB President Shannon Flaherty said she hadn’t heard anything about fees and SPB generally didn’t have to pay to host events on campus.

Flaherty said he found out last week that On the Rocks was available to SPB. Potentially, she said SPB will be moving its late-night programs to the pub, as well as evenings of sporting event viewing to On the Rocks.

“In the past we’ve shown the Yale game, but obviously since it’s vacation time it’s not as doable because no one will be here,” said Flaherty. “But it’s definitely a possibility to do Quinnipiac, Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football games, especially because we don’t have football on campus.”

Maldonado said she would like to see On the Rocks hold events after sports games so she can go to a hockey or basketball game and then go to the Rocky Top Student Center and hang out with some kids. friends.

The university is still waiting for the permit before determining what specific types of alcohol will be served at On the Rocks. (Daniel Passapera / Chronicle)

Even though On the Rocks is a space for events, Ellett said the university is looking to make it another destination for food and gatherings. Students can use the meal points to purchase food, but not alcohol.

“(Chartwells) created a specialized menu for the location, which would be a different offering from anything that would be offered in dining rooms from a menu point of view,” Ellett said.

The pub will serve kitchen sink nachos, carnita quesadillas, bang bang bao, loaded toddlers, buffalo chicken quarter salads, cobb “Q” salads, sliders, Bavarian pretzels and wings of chicken, according to The Chronicle menu obtained via FOIA.

On the Rocks opened to the public on February 29, 2020. It was an initiative of the 2019 upper class cabinet of the Student Government Association. The pub was in the original concept of the Rocky Top Student Center. It never reopened after the university closed due to COVID-19.

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