OTT space at the alcohol detector: Exhibits a success


“When the Covid hit, we were all forced to lock ourselves in our homes… and had to find means of entertainment within the four walls. This is when the idea came to us, that not everyone will have access to OTT platforms because it is not affordable for many. So we thought, why not start renting it out? said Nikhil Kumar of SBV Naraina.

He is one of 8 students behind the startup called “OTT Hub”, a “bag” business model in the OTT space through which consumers can access websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar on an hourly and daily basis. “We charge Rs 5 per hour and Rs 39 per day. We now have an Instagram ID and a mobile number where people can contact us. Interested people should give us their names and preferred time slots. To date, we have invested Rs 3,081 and generated an income of Rs 4,800. With more investments, we plan to expand and automate slot allocation. Right now it’s manual,” Kumar said. It is aimed at students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

It was just one of many unique startups on display at the Business Blasters Expo. The civil service team at SBV Dwarka Sector 1, for example, has developed an alcohol detector.

“It’s not like a breathalyzer. It is attached to the steering wheel of a car, and automatically detects the level of alcohol thanks to the particles present in the breath within a radius of one foot. Unlike other detectors , it automatically cuts off the vehicle’s engine if the driver is drunk. We developed it using an MQ-3 sensor and have already tested it on a motorcycle,” said Rahul Kumar. He said that they needed Rs 3.5 lakh as an investment, and their target consumers were taxi companies like Ola and Uber.

There were also innovations for people with disabilities, such as a low-cost motorized wheelchair and a custom electric bicycle. SBV Netaji Nagar’s Team Growth, did this for just Rs 5,000. “The battery charges with the dynamo attached to the cycle, as it moves. We are also customizing it so that, depending on the nature of the disability, one or both pedals can be replaced with supports, and a support can be placed on the bar under the belt which can be used to lift them We are also planning to attach automatic brakes… We have already received Rs 3 lakh from an investor,” said Tushar, the team leader.

Other unique start-ups include Unique Water Tech, an automated water meter; Safe Kitchen, a low cost gas leak detection alarm; Speakersters, eco-friendly Bluetooth speakers made of wooden cases; and Sensor Magic, sensor-based doorbells and lights.


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