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The psychology club drew attention to alcohol Awareness month by organizing mocktails and canvases from 4 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. in the Doudna room on April 21. the Psychology club served mocktails to students to educate students on how to avoid the social pressures of alcohol alcohol.

The Psychology Club has laid out brushes, palettes, small canvases and a variety of paints to choose from. Participants ordered non-alcoholic beverages from Non-alcoholic cocktail bar in front of the class. A Bob Ross painting tutorial played while students paint and sip drinks that looked colorful, fun and cleverly disguised as alcoholic mixers. The psychology club was “inspired painting and sipping events like when people make wine and painting,” said Amiya Peterson, president of the Psychology Club.

Being an RA, the reason Peterson coordinates Mocktails and Canvases was to “give students on the campus an option for safer consumption habits. Consuming alcohol is not required to hang out with friends who drink.

Kimberly Cummings, Vice President of the Psychology Club added that painting is “also another fun thing to do with friends in addition to partying”, which often leads to alcohol consumption.

Psychology club secretary Ian Kendrick said: “If you don’t want to stand out by not drinking, don’t participate in something – if you also feel under peer pressure, (non-alcoholic options are) just kind of a way forward get back, (and) have some defense.

According to BMC Public Health, peer pressure or make others expect to consume alcohol can lead to excessive alcohol consumption or isolation. Peterson said ordering mocktails at a bar is “a avoidance strategy. Peterson suggested that “if you are trying to stay sober, you can order them (without alcohol non-alcoholic drinks or cocktails) in bars” to avoid being arrested do not drink alcohol.


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