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By now you’ve probably heard the term “metaverse”.

But what exactly is the metaverse? And what impact will it have on our world?

Many companies, including Metafocus on building the metaverse and new opportunities for individuals and organizations to connect and collaborate.

Diana Doukas US Political Programs Manager, Meta Economic Impact, spoke with Florida Politics about what this new concept could mean for the future of Floridians and how Florida businesses and organizations can begin to prepare. to this paradigm shift.

Question: The metaverse is a new concept to many. Can you share what exactly the metaverse is and explain how it works?

Diana Doukas: Simply put, the metaverse is a collection of digital spaces, including immersive 3D virtual reality experiences through the use of equipment, such as the Meta Quest 2 VR headset. In the metaverse, you can do things you can’t do in the physical world with people you might not physically be with.

Eventually, the metaverse will be a hybrid of today’s social experiences, connecting you with people, entertainment, events, shopping and more. Instead of watching and interacting with a screen, you’ll be able to create an avatar and immerse yourself in that experience, either magnified in three dimensions or projected into the physical world. While the last decade has seen a shift from desktop web to mobile internet, the next decade will be about moving to the metaverse.

Q: We know that Meta (formerly known as Facebook) will play a major role in the growth of the metaverse. How is Meta moving to help advance this technology?

NOT A WORD : The metaverse is the next frontier of digital virtual connection. So, as a social enterprise with investments in technology, the metaverse is a natural evolution for us.

This is truly a collaborative effort with many companies, developers, experts, and decision makers. Over the next few years, our goal is for the metaverse to bring people closer to feeling that connection in person and open up new opportunities for people and communities.

We are already building and investing in the metaverse with products like our virtual reality experience Quest 2.

Q: You mentioned businesses and how they can use this type of technology to grow and reach new audiences. What does the metaverse mean for businesses in Florida, and how can those businesses prepare for this kind of technological advancement?

NOT A WORD : Similar to the Internet in the early 2000s, the Metaverse will bring about a significant change in the way the world uses technology. This shift will transform connections and engagements from 2D to 3D, unlocking new possibilities and raising the bar for communities and businesses here in Florida.

Instead of browsing on your mobile phone, Metaverse uses virtual reality and augmented reality to immerse someone in a 3D experience, whether it’s a business meeting, browsing a virtual storefront or an outing with friends and family.

It’s important for businesses in Florida to start learning more about the metaverse and how they can leverage it to better engage and serve their audiences.

The metaverse is still under construction, but my advice to business owners is to start experimenting with digital tools that allow you to connect with your customers in new ways, like our Augmented reality features on Instagram.

Q: Anything else we should know about the Metaverse?

not a word: There are always times when it’s best to be together in person, but there are also times when being together just isn’t possible. That’s when we need that kind of technology that helps overcome those barriers.

Our business has always been about creating social connections and we see this as the next major evolution in social technology. Because we are committed to making the Metaverse an inclusive and empowering place, we launched a $50 million investment fund to work with partners in industry, government, and other organizations to ensure that we develop these technologies responsibly.

There’s still a long way to go, but we’re excited for the possibilities the Metaverse will create for individuals, communities, and businesses around the world.

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