Rooftop bubble bars with igloos return to Dallas for Christmas vacation


Dallas’ coolest vacation bar phenomenon is back: rooftop “bubble bars” with cozy igloos are back, with facilities at three Dallas area hotels.

Rooftop igloo bars are a trend that first surfaced at DFW in 2020 and partly originated from the cautious days of the pandemic, but has blossomed into their own full-fledged hot thing.

Also known as garden igloos, these “bubbles” are like plastic caves, like a geodesic dome, where you can relax and soak up under the wintry sky, protected by your bubble from the elements.

They first appeared in Dallas in 2019, but gained popularity in 2020 when people were trying to find ways to be social during the coronavirus times.

Three locations set the stage for bubble bars in 2021, including two in downtown Dallas and one in historic downtown Grapevine, as follows:

Waterproof salon
The rooftop bar on the 19th floor of the Statler Dallas hotel in downtown Dallas pioneered the Dallas rooftop igloo bar in 2019 and will bring it back in 2021 with a thematic twist.

Dubbed “Winterproof”, the installation will have a ski lodge theme: the bartenders will be “ski instructors” and the waitresses will be “ski bunnies”, while the interior will have a ski lodge-like decor. .

Each igloo will be called a “snow cloud”, and there will be an extra large one called Cloud 19.

Installation is expected to begin the first week of December, with prices and options similar to last year, with rates ranging from $ 100 to $ 200 per hour, depending on date and time, and a minimum two hours.

Miracle on trade
Illuminated igloos return to the Adolphus Hotel in downtown Dallas, which turns their rooftop into a winter wonderland, with cozy cabins, illuminated igloos, hot cocktails and smores at the table, as part of the annual celebration much larger hotel.

The igloos debuted on November 17 and will be available until January 30.

Their poolside cabanas are now poolside “cabanas” with miniature fireplaces, and they have 8 igloos ready to be booked by groups. They will also bring back their miniature curling rink, for that Olympic Winter Games atmosphere.

Igloos and cabins are available by reservation only, from Wednesday to Saturday evening, with two places:

Early (4 pm-7:30pm)

  • Small cabins (2 to 4 people) – $ 200 rental includes a bottle of sparkling wine
  • Large cabins (2 to 8 people) – $ 350 rental includes two bottles of sparkling wine
  • Igloo (2 – 4 people) – $ 300 rental includes a bottle of Premium sparkling wine

Late (8 p.m. to “late”)

  • Small cabins (2 to 4 people) – $ 300 rental includes a bottle of sparkling wine
  • Large cabins (2 to 8 people) – Rental of $ 450 includes two bottles of sparkling wine
  • Igloo (2 – 4 people) – $ 400 rental includes a bottle of Premium sparkling wine

A special holiday menu will include lively holiday cocktails such as Honey Bear Eggnog and Kentucky Hot Coco, as well as snacks such as Merry Mac & Cheese Balls and Señor Santo’s Tamale Bites.

Additional seating is available on a first come, first served basis. You will be able to come and see other people having fun inside their igloos. Maybe just stand outside and watch longingly.

Wine hotel
The 120-room boutique hotel in downtown Grapevine, home to Bacchus Kitchen + Bar and Harvest Hall, brings their ‘bubbles’ back to the rooftop, located on Rioja Rooftop Terrace, the hotel’s fourth-floor terrace bar. ‘hotel.

They will debut on November 26.

They have eight bubbles in total. Each can accommodate up to 6-8 people. They come with blankets and heaters to keep your party warm, and if you want service, you push a button and the bubbles light up to alert hotel staff.

This year, they formalized with three official options:

  • Happy Hour Bubble, 4-5 p.m. Bring your bubble in our bubbles for a two-hour experience around a drink and a fondue! We start you off with a bottle of Seguras Viudas Heredad Cava. $ 100
  • Two-hour Bubble Bar, 5.30 p.m. or 8 p.m. Same as the happy hour bubble, just more time to enjoy your bubble.
  • Complete catering bubble, 5:30 p.m. or 8 p.m. Seasonally inspired three-course dinner accompanied by a bottle of wine. Dinner costs $ 150 per person, with a minimum of 4 people.

You can make your reservation online at


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