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CHENNAI: New watering holes have literally raised the bar for Chennai nightlife! While the relaxed restrictions have prompted Chennai’s young people to dress up, have a drink and hit the dance floor to beat the lockdown blues, the new rooftop bars have given revelers – young and old alike – more places to take off their masks with confidence, let their hair down and have fun.
The city has seen the opening of nearly 10 restobars since the pandemic hit and at least three of them have rooftops that are pushing more middle-aged and older people to spend a Friday or Saturday night with it. friends, food and fire water. If these new hangouts manage to survive the pandemic, hospitality consultants have said more such spaces, including big brands, could enter the city next year.
Call it a coincidence, these rooftop resto-bars, while they may have had a delayed start, are redefining nightlife by opening at a time when people fear infection but still want to get out of their homes and socialize. The latest in town is The Thief at Kodambakkam High Road, which opened in July and where young people under 22 flock every weekend. Spread over three floors, the top floor has an outdoor space with cabanas and an eclectic menu. “The majority of our audience is made up of young people. Our outdoor space is not only for those who fear infection, but also for those who want to smoke without having to walk to a smoking area. We are already seeing loyal customers who are loyal customers of our experienced bartenders, ”said Kumar Sharma, Director of Operations. “Our specialty is our over 40 homemade syrup-based cocktails and sprouts that pair well with our multi-cuisine food. We would experiment and change our food and beverage menu every three months in order to hopefully retain our customers, ”he added.
Arasu Dennis, Managing Director of AD Associates, a hospitality consultant, said the city’s pub and bar scene is changing and it is starting to give off the Bengaluru vibe where resto-bars attract to. both young and old who become regulars. Its latest, Living Room at Anna Nagar draws a mixed crowd of young and old, mainly because of its rooftop layout. “Our rooftop attracted people over the age of 50 and 60 above all. Our concept is food-based and we focus on quality meals with drinks that will create loyal customers who will keep coming back, ”said Dennis.
Rooftop bars or pubs are nothing new in the city. Many star hotels already have them. One of the latest is Koox in Novotel on Chamiers Road offering not only specialized Japanese cuisine which is an acquired taste but also a panoramic view of the heart of the city.
“Our clientele is predominantly in their twenties,” said Kishore Tadikamalla, Director of Food and Beverage. Now, autonomous rooftop restobars are catching up with competitive prices. Hospitality consultants said the city has seen a total of 136 resto-bars since 2013. And even a few that have opened in the past year would have opened in 2018 or 2019, but for the half-dozen. licensing and strict procedures to get a nod. from state authorities. “Now we have a new government. So far, we have not requested new licenses. Those who opened recently first must survive the pandemic. If they do, the scene will pick up again next year. Lots of big brands can shop here, ”Dennis said.


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