Saturday Night Events in and around Vizag


Saturday night fever has set in. The “City of Fate” may not be the busiest place on Earth, but it certainly has events up its sleeve. Vizag is proving to be a promising place with these events lined up this Saturday night. From live music to a DJ to an astronomy workshop, this Saturday Vizag has something in store for everyone. So bring your family or friends or participate in one of these breathtaking events on your own.

Here is a program of events this Saturday evening at Vizag.

# Live music at the Welcome Hotel Grand Baie

The entertaining duo, Harish and Martin, are back in town with another live performance. Their Marco Polo parties are the best for music lovers in town. Starting at 7 p.m. at the Front Lawns, get ready for a memorable experience.

# Neon night at Novotel

Saturday Night Events in and around VizagContinuing the three-day Holi bash, Novotel hosts its Neon party with DJ music. If you missed this party yesterday, you can grab this event tonight or tomorrow.

# Live music at Somaa and DJ at Somaa Yendada

Saturday Night Events in and around Vizag

This resto-bar is popular for its rock band performances and amazing food. Tonight they have the band, Kairoz, to entertain you.

Over the weekend, Somaa’s new branch opened its dance floor for revelers in Vizag. There will be DJ music, food and drinks which will provide you with an exciting overall experience.

# Astronomy workshop in Araku

If you’re not a partier and are looking for an offbeat way to spend your Saturday night, this is a great option. If you’ve always wanted to learn more about astronomy or if you’ve been a stargazing enthusiast or want to try something completely new, this workshop is for you. Reserve your slots before they are all sold out.

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