Shepherd & Sims: Discover Los Gatos’ New Fine Dining Restaurant


Jim and Angelique Stump are no strangers to creating the kind of neighborhood eateries diners can return to time and time again – for weekday dinners, weekend celebrations and just about everything. And that’s exactly what they hope to do once again with their new project Shepherd & Sims, an upscale yet accessible fine-dining restaurant serving a menu that ranges from fried green tomatoes marinated with buttermilk dressing to new-steak. Yorkers dry aged for 45 days. . The restaurant is distinctly personal to the couple, with its name a mix of their old last names and the menu from the types of meals they enjoy sharing together. “The menu at this restaurant is really an example of Angelique and I, how we like to eat and what we want,” says Jim. “We want to enjoy life and we want people to enjoy life with us”

Other restaurants at The Stump include Table in San Jose, Forthright in Campbell, and Vesper, a lounge bar also in Campbell. At Shepherd & Sims, Jim teamed up with chef Robert De La Mora to create a menu rooted in Californian ingredients and infused with flavors from Mexico. crown – in Japan – with potatoes from the Yukon arriving alongside a kombu butter getup. There’s also caviar, pâté, and ratatouille if diners want to take a trip to France, but one thing Jim and Angelique point out is that they don’t want the restaurant to feel off-limits. “I don’t want this to be a restaurant for a special occasion, I want to have caviar on a Tuesday afternoon,” Jim says. They intentionally chose to open in an “underserved,” Angelique says, avoiding downtown Los Gatos and its abundance of independent restaurants in favor of a more remote part of town, where the couple say the Most of the dining options are Chains.

When it comes to drinks, the Stumps have made Shepherd & Sims a real family affair, handing over the keys to the cocktail program to their son and letting their daughter organize the wine list. The rear bar is intended to have a mass appeal showcasing everything from Absolut and Patron to Pappy and Weller. There will be a couple of cocktails on tap, but you are just as welcome to order a beer and a shot as you are to request a crystal ice cube for your whiskey. On the wine side, they are softened with a list that skips the usual Californian chardonnay and cabernet in favor of selections from lesser-known regions. And Jim says they’re going to build the list with more reserve options down the line.

The Stumps worked with ultra-cool design group Arcsine to create a space that blends a dash of French bistro aesthetic with the familiar warmth of the classic New American neighborhood restaurant. Elizabeth Dillon explains that the goal was to incorporate unexpected elements into the design, such as the imposing mural of a cat observing several colorful birds set up in the entryway and a black and white ampersand mosaic encrusted in the ground. Dillon also included items unique to the couple through a gallery wall that features family photos and keepsakes. Natural textures like walnut and stone are reminiscent of nearby Santa Cruz Mountains, which also appear in a mural along the dining room wall, while antique mirrors and wood planks lend vintage style.

Shepherd & Sims is now open Wednesday through Sunday for happy hour and dinner.

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