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When the film shot in Montreal CODA premieres theatrically in Canada on Friday, June 3, don’t be fooled by the recent Oscar-winning film. This one stars Mr. Patrick Stuart of star trek celebrity, Katie Holmes and Giancarlo Esposito.

Last week, I received a private video link to rewatch the film, followed by an opportunity to interview director Claude Lalonde and participate in a one-time Zoom call with Stewart. For those who love the piano then this is a must. Stewart plays Henry Cole, an acclaimed pianist who returns to the stage after an extended hiatus. During his inaugural concert, he is afflicted with serious stage fright and narrowly avoids disaster. In the following days, his condition worsens, he becomes more and more unstable and his career hangs by a thread. Then comes Helen Morrison (Holmes), a former pianist turned music critic, who wants to write an article about him. A special relationship ensues.

Some interesting notes on the film. It was actually filmed here and in Switzerland in 2017. Since then, it has aired on select streaming services and theaters outside of Canada. Lalonde told me that COVID-19 played a role in delaying a Canadian launch. Stewart admitted that he had absolutely no skill in playing the piano. It was left to the Ukrainian pianist from Montreal Serhiy Salov. “I had lessons from him,” he said. “I watched hours of videos studying the styles of different pianists. In the film, I’m a world-class pianist. But (personally) I can’t play a note. I have a piano at home. »

Stewart had previously traveled to Montreal for some of the x-men movies. I asked if he had ever talked about our city with an NDG native William Shatnerwho preceded him on the star trek series. “Bill never talked about it,” he said. “I sensed a certain reluctance to talk about the start of his career.”

Lalonde said some of the locations used for filming included Westmount Park, Montreal’s Maison symphonique, Place des Arts, many streets that all doubled for New York and a large house in Mont Saint-Hilaire that has been identified. as being France.

Working with Stewart has been a pleasure for Lalonde. “Before the shoot, he asked me to come to England and hang out with him,” he told me. “He even picked me up from the station in his own car.”

EGGS AND CRETON FESTIVAL: It had to happen sooner or later. TasteMontreal and Burnbrae Farms have teamed up with 30 Montreal restaurants to launch Montreal’s first, Délici-œufs!, an eggstravaganza celebrating the versatile egg as an ingredient, playing a starring role in a variety of dishes through June 3. To the venerable Green spot on Notre Dame Street I experienced the deluxe plate and noticed breakfast was a city man and owner of Chez Alexandre et fils on Peel Street Alain Creton with his son Elliot. Alain had just finished jogging.

WEST END COMEDY BREAK: It’s nice to see comedians come to NDG. Jeff Laurence will produce, perform and co-host the first gala with Asem Halbe Wednesday, June 8 (8 p.m.) at Geez Resto-bar on Saint-Jacques Street West. Tickets can be purchased through “West End Comedy Break” on Facebook. Samson Coopermann and five other comic strips will adorn the stage. “Aseem and I are in our fourth year of stand-up comedy in Montreal and we want to bring shows to the people of the West End,” says Laurence. “We believe in presenting clean, flowing comedy that is inclusive and not provocative.” info [email protected]


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