Sized celebrates the industry behind household objects


A series of limited edition furniture collections are presented in New York, in an exhibition that celebrates the existence of the things around us and how they came to be. From 50 sterling silver cups commissioned by Hermès and made by Puiforcat, to a monolithic table by Faye Toogood – the “Industrialism” exhibition brings together works from designers, makers, artists and brands to explore the intersection of industry and design.

The exhibition marks the first outing of the “Sized” collectible design showcase, which is overseen by creative director Alexander May. Each of the creations is held on two floors of New York’s Urban Zen Center, a community space founded by fashion designer Donna Karan. Emerging talent is placed alongside well-established icons, with tables and chairs flanked by limited-edition cars and giant amplifiers.

On the concept, the show’s curators said:

“Industrialism was inspired by the way objects inform our daily lives and our visual sensibilities, focusing on the materiality and construction of the object itself.”

The concept of the exhibition takes into account the current climate of scarcity in the global supply chain and explores the importance of materials and our access to them. At a time when it is particularly difficult to acquire the necessities of production, how is our relationship to what we can access evolving?

Perhaps the most obvious example is Rich Aybar’s “Refuse Lamps”. Aybar often explores the history of materiality through his work, and for this collection has incorporated wood and other industrial materials that are not typically used to create objects for the home, as a way to pay homage to nature. art of industry itself.

On the roof terrace of the space, a series of creations commissioned by the whiskey distillery “Mortlach” for the use of their products are exhibited. Joe Doucet, Sabine Marcelis and Luca Nichetto have each created an object that “enhances the whiskey experience” – from the bar cart to the frosted glass decanter.

“Industrialism” coincides with both Frieze New York and New York Design Week – a date intentionally chosen by the organizers to demonstrate how collectible design overlaps both art and design. It takes place until May 28, at the Center Zen Urbain.

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Urban Zen Center
711 Greenwich Street
New York, NY 10014

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