St. Louis Restaurants Face Uncertainty Amid Rising COVID-19 Cases


ST. LOUIS – At the end of 2021, there is more fear than excitement for some restaurants about the future of the industry.

“We are thinking about the possibility of having to close again, which will be unfortunate, but we want to keep everyone safe,” said Ania Cunningham.

Cunningham is the manager of the Layla Bar and Restaurant at The Grove. She says they’ve always needed masks but are thinking about more precautions.

“Execution, pavement, delivery. We did it the last time. We have no problem doing it again. It’s scary and scary, especially when we have people fighting us just to put on a mask, ”Cunningham said.

It comes as COVID-19 cases increase in Show-Me State. In Saint-Louis, hospitals on Tuesday have more than 700 patients treated for COVID, which is the highest number of patients recorded in 11 months.

On the Delmar Loop, the restaurant, bar and concert hall Blueberry Hill even takes precautions before the New Year.

“On New Year’s Eve we will be open. But I don’t have a band this year in the Blueberry Hill “Duck Room” because people get a bit close when a band is playing, ”said owner Joe Edwards. here.”

Whatever the situation, restaurants are hoping that customers will keep coming.

“It’s really hard. It’s scary, and it’s anxiety-provoking just because there is so much unknown. Your employees are relying on you for what to do, and I really don’t know what to do right now. Cunningham said.

Union Loafers on The Grove also offers patio dining and take-out only. Taco Buddha off Delmar Boulevard also does take out and on the patio only.


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