Surprising buildings with quirky interiors


From hidden bars and private hotels to secret rendezvous, there is a wide range of surprising buildings with quirky interiors you wouldn’t know existed.

You wouldn’t believe the building would be iconic, beautiful, exquisite and clandestine from the outside. Some have even been built where no one thought. Imagine passing through an ordinary-looking laundromat, only to be ushered into the hippest bar imaginable. Misleading? Yes, we know.

Join us on this journey to find the most deceptive buildings with surprising original interiors.

Adults only, Los Angeles.

Adults Only, Los Angeles

This upscale dive bar is located in a Hollywood strip mall inside Sunset and La Brea. The entrance to the bar is designed to look like a fake Hollywood video store under the adult section, with a variety of movie posters and VHS tapes. In addition, you will find reupholstered pews and hanging cathedral lamps that will catch your eye. You would only enter the bar after passing through its deceptive entrance.

They have loads of movies shown inside, with people drinking and dancing late into the night. Most drinks range from stone fruit mojitos to spicy mezcal margaritas.

The Desert Cave Hotel, South Australia

The Desert Cave Hotel is the very first underground international hotel located in Coober Pedy in a semi-desert outback location. The hotel, since 1915, has been attracting people in search of an elusive opal.

It has attractive amenities such as free Wi-Fi and parking, a swimming pool, an exciting bar and lounge, activities for children, airport transport and superb banquet and meeting facilities. . The hotel even has a casino area.

For those who can’t make it all the way to the Desert Cave Hotel, you can still get the casino experience by visiting sites like that offer the thrill of a casino, but all from your own location.

Surprising buildings with quirky interiors

Bank Bar, Manila.

Bank Bar, Manila

The outward appearance of this bar may not appear to be the usual upscale place to have a drink. However, when you enter this Filipino convenience store, you will find a hidden entrance leading to an exciting den in the storage room.

The interior has velvet furnishings with a chic touch. Bank Bar offers a variety of consumables such as Manila cocktails and truffle fries.

The Broken Shaker, Miami

The Broken Shaker is a hidden bar, like a garden shed. The bar uses retro tropical decorations and a small Santeria candle harbinger. If you suffer from claustrophobia, there’s a large outdoor patio behind the bar where you can grab craft cocktails and check out an iconic scene. Everything about this bar is extreme and unusual.

Surprising buildings with quirky interiors

Vindheim Hut, Lillehammer.

Vindheim Hut, Lillehammer

This place is located inside a forest near Lillehammer in Norway. It was built to look like it’s buried in snow, and it’s like that most of the time.

The place looks like a meter of snow in winter, almost submerging its wonderful and strange property. If snow covers its roof, the building will appear as an artificial track for ski jumping.

Desert House, Yucca Valley

This house is dark and mysterious with a strange interior. It is located in Yucca Valley, California, an arid region of North America. And sits at edge of a private ranch with stunning desert views. The building was designed by Oller & Pejic Architects.

Desert House Yucca Valley is hard to find. You won’t see any natural water sources for miles from the house due to temperatures that typically exceed 120°F.

Surprising buildings with original interiors

Houseboat on Lake Huron, Canada.

Houseboat on Lake Huron, Canada

This is another building with surprising original interiors. The house is built on a floating frame in Lake Huron. This house is completely surrounded by water. You can only access the house from the mainland through a small side entrance which opens onto the landscaped path.

When indoors, the place can be an ideal hideout from the hustle and bustle of modern life. The interior of this two-story houseboat features panoramic windows overlooking the water. It features strip lighting that highlights the high-end framed ceiling, while its open-plan layout is designed with Scandi furniture.

Massaro House, New York State

This house, with an unusual interior, is located inside the island of Petra. It’s a 15 minute helicopter ride from modern civilization. The Massaro building is located 50 miles from the northern part of New York and stands on the edge of the beautiful heart-shaped island.

The exterior may not be interesting, but its interior looks like a work of magic. Within its lavish 6,000 square foot interior, the building boasts four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Its living space is finished with 18-foot high projecting ceilings and a few triangular skylights.

More so, the building outside has a helipad which makes the luxury house outside accessible to affluent people.


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