The late cartoonist Charles Schulz will gain more recognition at the airport of the same name


His name is on the airport, but the work of the late Charles Schulz will be even more important when the Santa Rosa facility opens its new terminal next year.

“Our artistic goal is to focus on our namesake, Charles Schultz and the Peanuts art,” airport manager Jon Stout said, noting that part of the ongoing $40 million construction project at Charles M. Schulz-Sonoma County Airport has an exclusion for s.

Ultimately, visitors to the new airport terminal can expect to see an exhibit of Snoopy sleeping above his doghouse, as well as two-thirds replicas of World War I planes, the Sopwith Camel and the Fokker Triplane, the latter dubbed the Red Baron Triplane. Both aircraft models are currently being restored.

Stout is working with a number of partners on the art exhibit, including Craig Schulz, son of the late Charles Schulz; the Schulz Museum and its arts division, Creative Sonoma; and the Pacific Coast Air Museum, which adjoins the Santa Rosa facility.

“We had an arts allowance as part of the terminal project and it’s all built into the budget,” Stout said. “Our estimate is around $25,000. Airplanes already existed. They had been in storage for some time and just need to be restored.

The airport will also issue a request for proposals, known as an RFP, in the coming weeks for an operator of its main restaurant, as well as a planned new wine bar, Stout said. The lease of Sky Lounge, a 15-year-old upscale steakhouse and sushi bar at the airport, will expire at the end of 2022.

“(The RFP) has no reflection on our current restaurant operator, it’s just a requirement that we have to do,” Stout said, noting that because the airport uses federal dollars, it has to follow. Federal Aviation Administration rules for operating the facility. . “One of them is to open a fair competition for concessions. … We hope and encourage our current supplier to respond.

If the Sky Lounge operator chooses to submit a request for proposals for the main restaurant, it can also bid to run the wine bar, which will be located in a designated area within the new gate. The restaurant and wine bar don’t have to be operated by the same company, Stout explained.

Meanwhile, the total number of passengers at the regional airport rose in April from the previous month, according to figures released on Friday.

United Airlines, which has pushed back the date for the restart of its Denver service several times – most recently to September 6 – announced that it has now moved the date to January 3, due to the continued shortage of pilots, said said Stout. Rising fuel costs are also playing a role, although this is an industry-wide challenge.

In April, the four commercial carriers that serve the airport – United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines and Avelo Airlines – collectively flew 53,065 passengers through the facility, up 104.8% from the year previous. Carriers transported 50,089 passengers through the airport in March.

In April, Alaska Airlines carried 30,277 passengers through Santa Rosa, up 65.3% from the previous year. The airline’s load factor – the measure of average aircraft occupancy – was 85%.

Last month, Avelo Airlines carried 11,904 passengers through the airport, with an occupancy rate of 61%.

In April, American Airlines carried 9,178 passengers through the regional airport, up 29.8% from the previous year. American’s load factor was 88%.

United Airlines carried 1,706 passengers through the facility in April. Its load factor was 57%. United’s service at the airport at this time in 2021 has been suspended. It restarted flights to San Francisco in August 2021.

Stout said he expects the airport could end 2022 with a record 650,000 passengers, if current forecasts stay on track. The facility closed out 2019 having carried 488,000 passengers, its current all-time high, as The Business Journal previously reported. Until the pandemic hit, Stout expected the airport to close in 2020 to reach 525,000 passengers served.


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