The owners of restaurants in Little Burgundy will see the anticipated end of the work on rue Notre-Dame.


After the pushback, the new schedule will see the end of aqueduct work on June 13 instead of July 1.

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The owners of restaurants, cafes and bars in Little Burgundy are pleased that the City has agreed to accelerate work this spring on Notre-Dame Street to allow them to open their terraces earlier than planned. Repair work on an aqueduct line under Notre-Dame will begin as planned on April 10 but will now end on June 13 instead of July 1, which was the original end date.

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Restaurant, café and bar owners were furious when they first heard about the construction project. They felt the timing was horrifying given that their establishments are just emerging from two years of major financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic.

“We have come to an agreement,” said Toby Lyle, one of the owners of the Burgundy Lion pub. “They told me that last week. Also, for 14 years we’ve been trying to do a street fair and they said we could do it this summer. To be done by June 13 is definitely better. We only lose, let’s call it a month, since mid-May is when the weather is good enough for the terraces.There was a bit of pressure on them and they responded.

Lyle said he had spoken with the owners and/or managers of Joe Beef, Liverpool House, Pizzeria Geppetto, September Café and Beige, and they all agreed this was the best fit for what he calls ” A necessary evil”.

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In a statement, the city said the agreement “is the result of an excellent dialogue between the Sud Ouest borough and business owners. … The administration is listening to the needs and concerns of citizens and merchants We will ensure that there is good communication with them before, during and after construction work to minimize problems for businesses and residents.

The city has announced that there will be events at Parc Vinet for the Montréal Complètement Cirque festival, with acrobatic shows from July 7 to 17.

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