This pair make great music together


They make beautiful music together, literally and figuratively. As far as age is concerned, they are father and daughter apart, but the professional relationship that binds Leo and Diego transcends time and space.

They live miles apart. Leo Romero, who is some 60 years old, returns home to Fairview, Quezon City while Diego (real name is Anna Katrina Zamora) 25, travels to Marilao, Bulacan at midnight, or a little later after having sang on stage for their adoring fans of regular night clubs and restaurant bars.

Leo struggled for over 40 years as a folk singer, having alternated on stage with big names such as the legendary Freddie Aguilar of the world-famous ballad “Anak” and the indomitable Florante de Leon.

Around 1983, when Leo began performing at the now defunct Hobbit House on Mabini Street in Malate, Manila, owned by the late former US Peace Corps volunteer Jim Turner.

Leo’s band disbanded in 2014. But the show must go on and Kat has proven to be a timely replacement. Thus, the seed of the partnership between her and Leo was sown and it blossomed over the years.

To this day, the duo still seem inseparable, onstage and backstage, though they take different paths home once the show is over.

Leo reveals that he likely inherited his parents’ musical talents. He admits that he knows no other trade than singing and scratching.

Leo recorded with Alpha Recording a 10-song album titled Simply Leo Romero, crowned by the songs As Long As I Live and Tampo. Hope is eternal and Leo always looks forward to the day when his name and his songs will hit the charts.

Diego (Kat, if I may) shares Leo’s visions on this. She, too, dreams of succeeding in the music industry – and she has the instruments to make it happen.

Kat was renamed Diego by her admirers, especially the prolific businessman and publicist Dante Vino). Leo bravely conspired with the name changers.

Kat received her Bachelor of Education degree from Bulacan State College last year, but for her, the call of singing is louder than the sound of school bells.

She also plays guitar, having learned the chords on her own, but would prefer Leo to do the deed in their performances.

Oh yes! She says she’s also good on the drums, but very rarely flaunts the drumsticks.


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