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Denison City Council agreed on Tuesday to allow the Majestic Hills Golf Course to sublet the restaurant and bar on the lower level of the city-owned Boulders Conference Center.

The city has allowed the Majestic Hills Golf Course to sublet the restaurant and bar in the past.

This time it will be Chris Polley’s company, Buck Snort, who also operates a restaurant in upscale Denison.

Under Polley’s direction, the restaurant and bar will be called Bogey’s Grille.

Polley will obtain his own liquor license for the restaurant and bar.

Councilor Corey Curnyn, who is the council liaison for the Boulders Conference Center, said he had been contacted by Rollie Wiebers, with the golf course board, about the deal sublet in the past month.

Curnyn said that once Polley gets his liquor license, the city will need a separate agreement, the same one it currently has with the golf course’s board of directors.

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Among other words, the agreement states that the city receives 9.99% of alcohol sales, and Polley would be responsible for staffing the events at the conference center where alcohol is served.

Laura Matthews, whose company manages the Boulders Conference Center portion, will work with Polley on alcohol inventory and other elements of the deal, Curnyn said.

Maintenance of the bathrooms on the lower level of the Boulder Conference Center was also discussed.

Polley said bathroom maintenance would be his sole responsibility during the four months the golf course is not in use. Over the next eight months, Polley’s company and the golf course would share the responsibility and cost of maintaining the bathrooms.

Rental payments to the city would still come from the golf course council.

For liquor license approval, the city will need a copy of the sublet agreement between the golf course council and Polley to confirm that Polley’s company has control of the premises.

The council also wants the city attorney, Matt Brick, to review the sublease agreement.

Polley said he had not yet filed for a liquor license, pending city approval of the sublease agreement. He said that until this transition takes place, the golf course is still the operator of the restaurant and bar.

Polley said the menu will be different from what was previously offered under the old management and name, The Grille at Majestic Hills.

Dinner offerings will include prime rib, rib eye, catfish, walleye, tenderloin, pork chops and similar dishes.

Casual sandwiches and burgers will also be available.

Polley added that Bogey’s Grille will always offer a faster, on-the-go style of cold sandwich, salad or wrap for those with limited time. This special will be featured daily at the top of the menu.

An opening date has not yet been determined. The opening will be announced in the future.

Polley said that when it opens, Bogey’s Grille will be open six days a week and then seven days a week at the start of the golf season.


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