Tyler, Texas now has one less Whataburger to visit. And now?


Say that’s not true. We wish we could. Tyler now has one less Whataburger to order this number one with cheese, mustard, lettuce and pickles.

We just take it for granted that our favorite restaurant or fast food restaurant will exist forever, however, in today’s business world, that just isn’t true. Due to the labor shortage, higher food costs and higher costs, in general, to run a business, many operators are rethinking their businesses and the way they operate. Some restaurants have closed while others have closed their dining rooms and others only offer delivery and then there are those that are functioning normally.

I don’t know the official reason for closing this Whataburger.

I just passed the Whataburger on the WSW 323 Loop near Broadway Square Mall and noticed a piece of paper stuck to the front door then the marquee that said “Sorry we’re closed for business”. Not sure when was the last day of this place but it looks like it was in the last couple of weeks as the mark is still on the building but the menu boards have been removed from the dining room and the delivery service.

Don’t worry, a new Whataburger will be opening soon.

Whataburger fanatics need not worry, though, as a new Whataburger is being built less than a mile from S. Broadway on the southwest side of Broadway Square Mall in the parking lot. This location is still under construction, so I’m guessing it will take another month or so before it opens. Although some Tyler residents have recently complained on social media that Tyler has too many Whataburgers. Well I guess we heard about the fate of this old A-frame restaurant – it’s now closed.

In the meantime, there is still a Whataburger on Old Jacksonville Hwy., Further south on S. Broadway, on Hwy. 155 even on the highway. 110 to visit and get that number one with cheese, mustard, lettuce and pickles until the new location opens.

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