Universal Studios Florida will temporarily close Revenge of the Mummy Ride


In addition to the permanent closure of the Shrek 4D ride at Universal Studios Florida next January, the park plans to close another ride at the start of the year. However, the second closure will be temporary.

The Mummy’s Revenge, an inner roller coaster, will close for at least half of 2022, with its fiery explosions and brief Brendan Fraser cameo. In a statement to Thrillist, a representative said the ride based on The Mummy will be closed for maintenance from “January 7 to the end of summer 2022”.

The Dark Amusement Ride opened in 2004, making it one of the oldest rides in the park. The closure will only take place at Universal Studios Florida. The closed coaster also exists at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Singapore. There are currently no plans disclosed for these to close for maintenance. The Hollywood Ride also opened in 2004, while the Singapore site opened its Mummy Ride in 2010.

Tourist theme park Also notes that the ride to Orlando briefly closed in 2021 for “a quick refurbishment” that included projection and sound upgrades. As Imhotep scratched in his sarcophagus, “Closing the merry-go-round is just the beginning” or something like that.


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