Wetherspoons superfan shows off ad chain tattoo among skin of inks


Father-of-three Dan Muir says he loves a bargain so much that Wetherspoons and a pint of beer must have sat next to his children’s names when he went to get his latest tattoo

Dan Muir, 39, says working behind the bar made him fall in love with Wetherspoons

A Wetherspoons addict loves the pub so much that he got the liquor chain tattooed on his leg.

Five years behind his local bar turned Dan Muir into a Spoons superfan.

He says pulling pints in the friendly atmosphere made him fall in love with the company and earned him lifelong friends.

So he made the decision to dedicate himself to his favorite pub, The Sir John Bake in Portsmouth, Hampshire, inked on his leg.

The 39-year-old proudly sports over 100 tattoos and his latest tribute pays homage to his favorite drinker.

A father of three, Dan started working in his local chapter at the age of 18. As soon as he decided it was time for another tattoo, he knew he had to celebrate the return to normal in style.

He makes sure a pint of his favorite Fosters beer is in the spotlight


The Sun New Licenses)

“Now I’m back in this monthly routine and wanted to show my appreciation for Wetherspoons by getting inked,” he told The Sun.

“It’s just for fun as I love spoons, it’s a great place to hang out and great to see your friends having a few beers – I have friends for life working and drinking there . “

But it was not without problems and he added: “My Wetherspoons is probably one of the most painful I have had due to where it is.”

Super Spoons fan got a tattoo of his favorite pub inked on his leg


The Sun New Licenses)

He has over 100 tattoos all over his body


The Sun New Licenses)

His other body art works center on retro game logos, places he has visited, and the names of his three children.

Data analyst Dan isn’t the only person who can’t get enough of high-value pints and food.

Paul Bardill has visited nearly 400 Spoons establishments – but there’s a twist: he doesn’t drink.

His goal is to visit each of the more than a thousand pubs in the chain.

He has no regrets even if his friends laugh at him


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Paul said his total for 2020 was “quite a feat”, adding that “the ads are all different but familiar”.

He says the atmosphere in Wetherspoons is special because “No one judges you for being alone.”

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Wetherspoon spokesperson Eddie Gershon said: “We are delighted that Paul enjoys visiting our pubs.

“He is part of an elite group of enthusiasts who enjoy traveling across the UK to visit as many Wetherspoon pubs as possible.”

“Paul’s visits are slightly different because he does not drink alcohol. We appreciate his loyalty to Wetherspoon and hope he enjoys many more trips to our pubs, ”he told The Daily Star.

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